Monday, September 08, 2008

Yes! Yes! (That's how I feel about this article)

"This is an interesting article entitled “Why They Hate Her” . It dissects the liberal hatred for Sarah Palin and helps understand the roots of the moral relativism movement as tied to adversarial feminism. If you boil the whole article down to one point it would be this : The radical feminists have been trying to convince women for years that you can not be a real woman unless you are ultra pro-abortion and partially anti-family and that to succeed as a woman, you must escape from the perils of a life of multiple children that evil men would want to place on you so that you can be your own woman. Sarah Palin, by her very existence counters that line of thinking and her election would set the radical left back 40 years in their efforts to destroy our society." (OJ McDowell)

Read it here!!

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