Friday, September 26, 2008

It sticks to the sides of the bowl...

I'm here to tell you that my mother was right.

Always, ALWAYS, fill your cereal bowl with water when you're done eating.  It saves the life of the dish-doer.  Her LIFE, I tell you. 

Last night was Ariel's Birthday party!  I hung out with her during the day, painting her toenails, and taking her to Barnes and Noble.  She ended up picking out The Grouchy Ladybug as her birthday book of choice.
It has all those coolie-doolie pages that are different sizes.  Me likey.

I still haven't picked my brown and green for the new room...  I should really put up a picture of me with all the crazy paint chips.  Eek.  I'm excited about it all, though.  I need craigslist to be helpful!!

I don't feel super inspired for blogging, as I've been making phone calls for a very long time and am now tired and hungry. Hungry.  I said, HUNGRY!

Ta-ta for now.

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