Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I like it

So, I downloaded Google Chrome.

Yes, I am feeling very technologically oriented today.  I spent the day at the office working, and it felt WONDERFUL.  I set my computer up, hooked in the mouse, and fell in love with Windows Mail.

Well, maybe not love, but it did come in very handy...I didn't need to worry about what was going on in my e-mail accounts because anytime I get a new e-mail in any of them, a little envelope pops up on my taskbar.

Anyways, I answered the phone, returned messages, answered e-mail after e-mail (after e-mail after e-mail!) and had a blast the whole time. 

It is necessary that I share something with you.  The other day, our IT whiz-master in the office enlightened me to something I had been wondering and pondering night after night, day after day, month after month...not really.  But I had been stumped before of how to check a click-box when you are just tabbing through the boxes you need to fill.  I had never figured out how to avoid moving my hand back to the mouse.  Here is the answer: when you tab to be highlighted on the check box, just click the space bar and it selects/deselects it!  Marvelous!

But this Google Chrome business.  I decided that if it would offer me a bar across the top where I could save my links (like Safari...I don't have a Mac...though I kinda really want one) I would download it.  And it did!  And it does!  And I'm happy with my links!  All my blogs in one place.  Bliss.

P.S. I'm happy that when I open a new tab, it shows in nice, big boxes all my favorite web pages instead of informing me of what I already know: that I've opened a new tab and the only colors that exist in this new tab are white, blue, and black.

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