Monday, September 29, 2008

Pictures, pictures

When I found my camera there were just two pictures on it from whenever I last had it.  Let me share one:

Cute. ness.  This afternoon I was playing outside with these two in some neighbor's yard (we use their front yard sometimes, I hope they don't mind) and the kids were jumping on and off this metal thing that I don't really know how to describe.  Somebody from IHOP was walking down the street and I said "Hello!"  and he said "Well, there's a happy family!"  We were.  :)

So, pictures of the room will be coming up soon, I promise.  I think tonight is the night I start sleeping in there, so hopefully I will be doing some serious decorating before bedtime!  Did I mention I got the bedding yesterday?  Well, I did.  (Except for a few accent pillows I'm still looking for...)

In lieu of photos of the room, how about photos of me?!  You might not be quite as interested in them, but hopefully you'll look anyways.  Click.............HERE.  My friend Jessica is super talented and we had a blast with the shoot.  I'm excited to do a little more.  I'll admit a large part of it is that I bought a scarf since our last little photo shoot and think it would be so fun to take pictures in.  

Signing off.  The house is a mess.  There's an office upstairs that is only a little bit painted.  Mom arrives tomorrow.  Must go.

Or "Nice to meetcha!" as Judah would say (really he'll say to anyone and/or no one...he'll just say it to be funny)

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