Monday, September 29, 2008

Three More Things. Maye Four. Or Six. Actually Seven.

1. This video:

If you're not related to them, this might not be this interesting.  But for those parents, aunts and grandparents who may or may not read this blog, it will be nice.

2. I forget what the second one was.  Oops.

3. Oh wait, now I remember.  My Blog Roll on the right side...yep...right there.  Has about tripled in size.  I decided that I should just add my blog list onto it, so, there you go.  Check 'em out.  Read them, stalk them, whatever.

4. Oh. my. goodness.  Now I forgot what my third thing was that ended up being fourth.

5.  OH!  Song of the Week.  "Oh Taste and See" by Brian and Jenn Johnson.

6. Aren't you glad I remembered this time?  I actually forgot, then remembered, then decided to come write it down before I finished that last number about Song of the Week.  My blog readers vs. commentors.  If you happen to be a blog stalker or random visitor that has not de-veiled yourself, you might wonder why I continue to write when post after post has no comments.  I happen to know that there are people who read my blog that never comment. (Hi, Jeff!)  Truth is, sometimes I wonder why I keep going myself.  Like, why should I keep writing if nobody reads?  But then I remind myself that people do read and just don't let me know.  Or, at least two people do regularly...not totally sure about anybody else.  I'm being blog honest here, people.  Leave a little comment if you read, just for me?  I'm totally scared to get one of those little blog counter things because I'm worried that I only get twelve hits a month.  If for nothing else, I enjoy going back and reading my archives...they're like a journal for myself to remind me what happened in my life!  

7.  Today or tomorrow...sometime soon, I need to write a post about how seriously GOOD Jesus has been to me the last few days.  SERIOUSLY GOOD.  I just don't quite understand it.  Listen to the song again. (#5)


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie! I commented (finally). =P Thanks for the shout out. T minus 22 and counting... =D

bleev said...

ANNIE! Keep blogging. Keep blogging. Just keep swimming. Keep swimming. Dory.

:-) I'm SO glad you posted pictures from your shoot. I've been waiting to see!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

i thought that i would comment for a change cuz i do read your blog sometimes or rather look at the pictures. lol no sometimes i do read them though. =)
luv u hun!