Friday, September 12, 2008

Well...we're alive.

Liz is talking about "famous last words" and tornados destroying things.  I guess that's only expected since we did just hide in the basement.

See, I brought my computer along A. to protect it from the wrath of any tornado (don't worry, I grabbed the power chord too, just in case everything did get destroyed...I figured I'd still want to be able to use my computer) and B. What are the two things every person hiding from a tornado should do?  PRAY and BLOG.  Duh.

Oh, and I grabbed my wallet...why go through the trouble of getting a new license?

Glorie's hair is not combed, because they dryed her off and carried her downstairs.  We heard the sirens, looked it up, and got the message that a tornado had been sighted in our area. 

*Oh look, now the McDowells are here.  If we have to hide again, it'll be a real party.  And we'll have to hide Ariel's birthday present, a bike, which is itself hiding in our basement. *

Then we went downstairs and Anna B. and I decided where we would hide (under the workbench, away from windows, with a mattress in front of us).  It reminds me of when some kids sneaked into the school and set off the fire alarm, and I began running around grabbing everything I could.  My backpack, my essay I was working on, my mom's computer, my mom's purse (and then she looked for it and freaked out about where was her purse, when I had already appointed myself it's salvation).  Anyways, we stood out in the rain while the false alarm was taken care of.  

I am now sitting in the living room, as the sirens subsided.  We came up with the agreement that if we see any strong winds or driving rain (or any cows flying across our windows) we'll go back downstairs.  

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

So glad you're alive! Was Anna B. with you, too?