Thursday, September 04, 2008

List of Randomness

"The presidency is not meant to be a journey of self-discovery." Let me first say that I am really excited about Sarah Palin. She is firm in her stance on abortion, and genuine. I like her a lot.

Here is my quandary (of a totally unrelated nature): I love the whole process of finishing a workout, showering, putting my wet hair up in a bun and putting on a t-shirt and jeans, and driving somewhere in the car. I love it...that exact routine. My trouble is that my hair really doesn't dry well in a bun, but I love putting it up like that.

Secondly...I went to work out again today (haven't done that in a REALLY long time) and worked myself pretty hard, which is always nice. Today I ran on the treadmill (like good old times) instead of doing the elliptical. My issue with treadmills is how it demands that you put your hands on the bar so that it can sense your heart rate...but then once it's switched onto Manual (which it does automatically when you don't submit to its irrational demands that you glue your fingers to the machine) and you place your hands on the sensors, a message flashes across the screen that reads "It is not recommended that you place hands on sensors while running." Badoink.

Lastly, I've gotten used to exercising at the gym, which is in public to an extent, but I have not gotten comfortable with doing push-ups there. For some reason, I think I will look really wimpy. Hmmm.....

Hope you enjoyed the randomness. I am now going on a Ben & Jerry's run for the McDowell house. Bye.

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