Thursday, September 18, 2008


I want to link to the song "You're Beautiful"  by Phil Wickham.  I'd heard it sung here in Kansas City, but had no idea it was his song.  It's on the cd that he's giving away free HERE.  

The third verse says:
When we arrive at eternity's shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring 
Your bride will come together and we'll sing
You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful

This verse moved me today because of some news we received yesterday.  A family from IHOP has been in Myanmar doing disaster relief for a while (they are from there) and they have had CRAZY doors of favor with the government opened for them.  The Lord has provided and been using them powerfully.  We heard yesterday morning that their baby daughter, Emma, died of pneumonia.  Thankfully, they were with her...when she got sick she was staying with grandparents in a different part of the country, but I know that here we are SO thankful that her parents were with her before she passed.  

"Where death is but a memory..." What will that be like?  When this gut-wrenching pain is gone forever, banished by the LIFE of Christ.   Things like this turn your gaze toward heaven in a way that nothing else can.  Our comfort is that she is with Jesus, and there is no better place to be.  My sister had to write the e-mail letting everyone know, and I think she put it so well: "Emma now sees Him as He is."

Someday we will all see Him how He is, and that will be a glorious day.  Please pray for the Lims.  Even now, just stop and take a second and ask the Lord to cover their family.

If you would, please also pray for the Bohlenders who are in Florida right now to adopt two-day old twin girls!  

Here is the info:

Hey Friends,

I'm sending this on behalf of Kelsey and Randy Bohlender who are on their way to Florida right now to adopt twin girls who are two days old!  They have been given the verbal green light from the mother but she is unstable and could change her mind. They will know for sure by noon tomorrow/Friday. 

I am recruiting PRAYER for them. They feel this is the Lord. They asked for twins and this opportunity came up TODAY. It's been incredible. 

This is what they need right NOW.

1) Please pray that the birth mother will not change her mind and send these girls into Florida's Foster Care. (Once that happens it's nearly impossible to get them out). These girl's future lives lie in the balance. We feel that it would the Lord's will for them to be raised in the house of prayer. Randy and Kelsey need FAVOR with the mother when they meet her. 

2) Please pray for FINANCES.  Randy and Kelsey will need lots of money to adopt the girls and for supplies. You can donate through their Pay Pal Account on their website. 

3) Please check Randy's blog for updates.

So!  If you would pray for them...  I am so excited and blessed by their passion for adoption.  A large part of praying for the ending of abortion encapsulates a prayer for a spirit of adoption to be raised up to love those that were otherwise "unwanted".  I was thinking the other day about what a huge dent it would make if every Christian family, even just the ones in America, each adopted one child.  I LOVE this passion for the spirit of adoption and pray that it would become even more stirred in my OWN heart.  

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