Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Voting Day

Please. I must beg your aid. What should I wear to the wedding this Saturday?? The invitation says, "Formal dinner and dance reception"; plus, my sister is wearing the skirt that I wore to my school formal last year. So, unless Amy is going fancy for some particular reason, I am quite stumped. Hey - I would kinda be stumped no matter what. So, it's an evening wedding in winter, which implies a more formal look anyways... Here are your choices:
I pulled out the old stuff--my grandma's from the 50's or 60's...I think it might be cool to bring the look back in. Plus, I don't have many other options.

Option #1

I think this one is super cute. The one drawback is that my grandma was about a size zero. I am not, yet I can still fit into it. Not much breathing space, but hey, it's super cute and I can handle it.

Option #2

Now, this one is fantastic. Can you say "Fun to wear!" loud enough? But...is it too dressy? Too...old looking??

My mom loves the jacket...I'm not such a big fan. But if it adds to the look... I would rather go for the plain dress with a shawl or something.

With jacket:

With jacket unzipped:
Just plain dress (my personal favorite, I believe):

Option #3

I like to call this the "modern option". There are problems with it, though, and they are numerous. One, it looks way too summery. Two, the shirt would be more elegant if it was longer, I think. Three, it's not the most flattering.

So...it's a tough choice! Please vote, though, and hopefully we can get some sort of concensus.

Oh, and, if you could also please forward ahead a message to the wedding and ask a couple people besides my sisters to dance with me, that would be lovely. (especially if I'm wearing the flowy copper one) Thank you muchly!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm melting inside right now and it's for a very unexcusable reason. Yes. It's true. I have no M&M's.

But I have to tell you the story of my other melting for the week. But wait, that has to be prefaced by my other story of the weekend that led to the melting - the real melting and the M&M melting.

I spent last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with Rachel in DeKalb!! Amy and I took the Metra out there, (the adventure of which has been here recounted...let me just say that aside from the group of Harley Davidson hard-core-ists occupying the same train car as us, the trip back to Chicago was pretty much uneventful. Oh, except for that I was already melting).

M & M's: their house is addicted to them, and I gladly joined in. Now I have none and am suffering withdrawl. I tried two stores tonight, but they were just too expensive! Woe is me.

Now, the real melting was caused by an all-nighter Friday night. We were, as a large group, watching episode after episode of Everwood.

By the time we finished the season, it was 5 am. I am so mad at Dr. Brown (pictured left) who made just about the stupidest decision I've ever seen anyone make. Argh!!

Anyways, we were at 5 am, and I wanted to accomplish staying up all night for the first time ever. So, we did. Youtube and Homestarrunner helped out, and soon (a very long soon) it was time to go to the train station.

But see, here comes the difficult part. I had triumphed over the need for sleep. But no, I hadn't yet triumphed over music school. And it didn't quite happen. Mr. Pan picked us up at the train station and had a Starbucks for me (Saved my life #1). We rushed over to music school, but you see, when you haven't slept all night, your nerves are very fragile, and you have a tendency to...cry. So, there I was, trying to lug all of my luggage from the weekend through the narrow stairs at Merit, with tears starting. I try to hold them back, but my tears and Franz Schubert became good friends during my piano lesson. Finally my teacher asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm just sooo....tired." *sniff...sniff*

I guess it's my own fault for staying up late.

But Colin coming round and immediately asking, "What's wrong with you?" didn't help. Oh, and, me trying to hide my crying in the end of the hallway, while I try to reach Amy on the phone to say that yes, they left me too soon and I am falling apart, and please, would you pray for me.

I sounded pretty crazy the whole rest of the day. And I pretty much blanked out in Theory class. And I ate Mr. Pan's sack of snacks for the day that he had packed because I always get to hungry during Merit (Saved my life #2...million...2 million).

Yay for Amy's prayer. Yay for Mr. Pan's granola. Yay for Starbucks caffeine. Yay for Jesus' grace. I'm alive. And I stopped melting, I thought.

Until today, when I need my M&M's.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Train Tracks

Let's hope that my trip from DeKalb to Chicago is so way less eventful than the one in the opposite direction. Because, you see, I have a triumph to disclose: I have survived my first all night-er. No, we weren't doing homework. By the time the whole group finished being practically ripped apart by the drama in the show the second season of which we had been engrossed in, it was about 5. And, I mean, once you get to five, why not just go all the way? So, we did.

But, you see, on the way here, we weren't so successful. Let's see, we were running late for our first train, so we hurried, hurried, hurried. We hurried so much that just after we had congratulated each other with a handshake and acquainted ourselves with the nice Arctic fishermen from Alaska across the aisle, yes, even as we sat feeling oh so safe in our newly found train seats, we heard this from the conductor:

"You're on the wrong train. You're goin' the wrong direction."

Did you guess that wrong was the key word?

So, we looked at each other as terror crept into our eyes. I have to admit that in the panic, all I could do was laugh. As we sat on the new train station's platform with snow falling on us, all I could do was laugh. I laughed as we called Mr. Pan to come rescue us. He came, and we survived waiting in the 7-11 that seemed oh so much more of a murky character than the major train station (which I had been warned about), and we tried round two.

This time, we got on the right train. Mr. Pan took us all the way onto the train, got us seated, and went on his way.

Can you guess that "hero" is now the key word?

Hehe! I wish we had a picture...I can picture so clearly looking at Amy at that new train platform with all our bags, all alone, snow getting mixed in with her hair. It was hilarious. And an adventure. And no way in the world I would trade it for being twenty minutes early and getting on the right train in the first place.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Yesterday in range, I was in my car with the other three people, getting ready to start going when nice Mr. Gill came around to my window.

"You been practicing with your parents?"


"You wanna go on a traffic?"


So, I was on a traffic. I went in and they told the traffic guy to count it as my first traffic. We got a-going, and I was pretty confident. The car we were driving had weird brakes and a weird gas pedal, but I got used to it. We went along, and went along some more. Once, when we had to stop for gas, I asked how I was doing and he said that I was doing really good--he could tell that I had been practicing. So, I drive a little more and then I have to switch with the other boy. The instructor says:

"You did good. I'm gonna give you a C+"


Heart went: thud. Huh? A C+? I was so confused...Excuse me, sir, but you didn't tell me I did anything wrong. Excuse me, sir, but you said I was doing good. Excuse me, sir, but does this mean that I can't get a waiver? Mister, I don't get C+'s. What did I do, what did I do, to cause you to condemn me to this lowest state of all misery??

Well...maybe not the lowest state.

A whole 45 minutes, reahearsing what I would say. I even convinced myself that it was because he hated women: you see - we were behind this car that wasn't turning when it could, and he said, "is it a woman driving??....give 'em a honk." My brain went pop! it's because I'm a girl! That's it! I am gonna have to be bold and stand up for myself. He didn't tell me to fix anything, so it is entirely unfair that he should fail me (maybe it's not failing, but compard to the A & B we've been told we need to get a waiver, a C -- yes, even a C+ -- can be pretty discouraging).

Turns out I needed worrilessly...I mean, I needlessly worried. See, this has got me all tied up in three knots.

At the end of the other boy's drive, the instructor told me I could go. (the other boy didn't do so well...I think he was going to get a serious talk. ooh) Before I left, I said,

"What did I do wrong? Do I need to change something??"

Well, turns out the highest grade he gives on first traffics is a C+ -- you just need an A or B on your second traffic to get a waiver.

Silly me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Un-gangster Part 2

So, we may not be very gangster in actuality, but at least we try. The other spectacular thing about the evening was just having ALL SIX of us together...with a camera...a camera that was in a purposeful hand. Before the night began, I decided that I was going to take pictures, because I hadn't taken pictures in so long. Can you believe that we took no pictures on my birthday even? However it happened, I needed to take some pictures to feed my soul... =)


But then, of course, it was a gangster/dance night, so...

Amy and Rachel needed a good handshake, which they got.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

One Gangster Birthday

Yesterday was Christy's birthday party. It started out a nice pretty party, with many nice pretty girls (and Mr. Peterson), but it turned gangster pretty quickly. Some gifts:

she got the dress she wanted, but she poked her finger. sad times.

So we stayed pretty and polite for a little but, but then we started to get crazy. It started with a little dancing.

Then things went a little gangster... (they are the cutest. gangsters. EVER!)
don't you love how they're trying to be gangsters, but actually turn into models??

When did Anna try out the gangster style, you might ask?

And how about a little bit of Fiddler on the Roof Re-enactment just for good measure?? :)

More to come later...It's way too late for this.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My first Interview. by instant messenger

The following is an interview with a person who shall name himself:

1. Can you tell all the readers your name please?


2. And, Neeth, how do you know me?

well in 2005 i believe i entered the great EWUA, and randomly i met u there.

3. What is your favorite type of ice cream?

chocolate chip cookie dough

4. Really? I like that one too!


5. Praneeth, do you like snow?

Yes, i do.

6. Praneeth, try to give more interesting answers. People are going to read this!

WEll fine then anna yes, i do like snow but i do not like the weather wen it stops snowing because it gets 2 cold.

7. Seen any good movies lately? Nevermind that one. That's a boring question.

7.5.Do you buy popcorn when you go to the move theatre?

Yes, I do buy popcorn when I got to the movie theatre.

8. so, um, if you were to have to go to Hawaii on vacation, would you rather bring a dog or a gerbil?
id rather bring a dog becuase gerbils are weirdly freaky

9. What do you think of the idea that anything that is tiny is cute? Do you agree with it?

I disagree and agree with it at the same time for example some puppies are cute wen they are small but when they grow up n become dogs some could be ugly

Interesting point.

I think so too. lol.

10. Are you cold? Because I am.

anna my door jus opened by itself now it is making weird noises

11. Oh no! Have aliens invaded your house?

no.....not yet...i shut the door so no worries anna..lol

12. Yesterday you were excited because you ate breakfast. What did you eat?

o i dnt remember da name of it but it s like a crissan wit apple sugar in it idk
i dnt kno anna

Here I think it may be necessary to insert a translation: "Oh, I don't remember the name of it, but it's like a croissant with apple sugar in it. I don't know. I don't know, Anna."

13. Have you ever been bitten by a squirrel?


14. how about by a terribly large robot that resembled a mix between a coffee filter and a cookbook?

anna stop confusing me

15. well praneeth, maybe we should wrap up this interview. Any last words?
well...I mean, last for the interview.

hahahaha I will wrap up this interview

well this was a very slow and very "interesting" interview, possibly u guys are going to c another interview of Neeth by Anna Peterson soon.

Well, those are some nice parting words. thank you, Praneeth. Till another interview comes along, here's saying "howdy" to y'all. Have a nice few days.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am really cold. Right now. There's a warm computer on my lap, but my legs are still cold. There's a sweater on my arms, and I'm still cold.

At least I'm not as cold as my mom was that day. On the way home tonight, my mom told me the story of the first time she encountered real cold. It was 17 degrees + wind chill, and they were in Brooklyn. She had gone to the store with 2 year-old Amy and 3 year-old Elizabeth (about 3 or 4 city blocks away). Amy and Liz were in their snow suits and mittens (can't you just imagine how cute they were) but traumatized by the cold (can't you imagine how pink their little noses must have been?). She was walking downhill towards the warmth of the house, with Amy on her left hip and Liz on her right. Here let me point out that Amy and Liz have very different ways of coping with stress. Poor Liz. Poor Amy. And, oh, my mother must be the strongest woman alive. So, it's so cold outside (and this intense cold is a new thing for all three of them) while Amy is on one hip silently sobbing (her reaction to stress at the time) and Liz is on the other hip throwing a fit (and...her reaction). Amy was just silently, well, sobbing, and Liz's fit didn't mean she wanted to be put down, it just meant that she was really really cold. So pitiful!! Plus, this was new for my mom (and she was carrying a grocery bag + two children) who just had to push through to get home. She described it as one of those things that you can't do, but you have to.

Today, I didn't wear my coat. Amy made me put it on to go into Starbucks, but I pumped gas without it. Well, I pumped gas once without it. When I pumped gas again later, just holding the nozzle with my exposed hand for thirty seconds made there be actual pain. It's really cold here.

But, P-shaw! I'm a Chicago girl. That's my conclusion.

Lesson we all learned from the story of the two kids in icy weather: Try, if at all possible, to not have one, two, or even three toddlers in outer Mongolia during the winter.

Monday, January 14, 2008

More than just words

I really wish I had something fantastically exciting to write, but I don't.

Hmmm... Ever wonder why I convince myself that I can't stand writing, but love to get a clever blog written and am addicted blogs like this one?? Well, maybe, you haven't wondering why I convince myself, but, you get my drift? And, in fact, even after realizing this, I'm not at all in the mood to change my mind about my attitude towards my own act of writing.

Ummm... can we just take a vote on what I'm supposed to do next year? 1, 2, 3...EVERYONE COMMENT! and please, let me know you if have any dreams or angelic visitations telling you what I'm supposed to do. Wait a minute. I have an answer for myself: how about trust the Lord that He's going to work it out? Wonderful idea!

A few seconds ago, I was at a crossroads of sorts. I heard something that could change yet again the one (new) thing I thought was surest about my next year. I half wanted to scream, half just wanted to accept it and know the Lord was gonna work it out. I decided to punch my bed. And not trust the Lord instantly. But should I have? Yes. That's the answer. And, oh great, I just cried on my mousepad.

Why don't I just trust? There's my problem. I feel like the psalmist, telling myself, "why are you cast down, oh my soul?" Jesus is going to work it all out. And He knows exactly what needs to happen for me, and it's gonna be better than I could ever do for myself.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Have you ever danced in the street? I have. Ever been watched by people while dancing in the street? Pick me! Pick me!

Yesterday, we were on our way to the restaurant when we passed some speakers that were playing some music by the Supremes or some such group, and I pulled a quick little move. Well, there just happened to be a man passing me going the other way, who was glad to see a friendly face having fun on the street, so he said, "You go, girl! Don't be shy!"...that locked me into that mode where your eyes only look at one spot. you have one path for your feet to go and one path only, and you don't. say. anything. My friends thought it was awesome. Hehe. I just couldn't keep from dancing after watching Enchanted.

My other fun story from my birthday outing is that on the highway, we were driving near a car that a didn't have its headlights on, and so we tried to figure otu how we could pass the message to them. We weren't sure that flashing our lights would work, so we tried to get up alongside of them, and Mr. Pan made a motion of lights flicking with his hands...they didn't get it. Instead, they ended up speeding way up so as not to be beside us anymore...and one of the backseat passengers waved as they left. When we did get up next to them, we doubled...no, tripled the effort. Both me and Mr. Pan flashed our little imaginary finger-lights, and he flashed his lights at some point in the whole ordeal, and they got it. The idea of our sanity was redeemed.

Downtown birthday fun. And aboslutely no pictures. (Me! can you believe it? No pictures!) And a very late time showing on the clock (that night and now....goodnight).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm done with that.

Well, tomorrow's my birthday.

And I don't exactly know why, but the enemy always has a major scheme against my birthday. Two years ago, I remember walking through the hallways at school crying because a teacher had spoken harshly to me. That was also the year I sat sobbing in my car, so afraid of my party. There was that time in 3rd grade (I'm not sure if it counts as a scheme of the enemy or not) where on my birthday we had a punishment silent lunch. I had my special lunchables and everything...and I was crushed. You know, sitting on my birthday in the middle of lunch with the box of food I had been all excited about (lunchables was a special thing, you know) with my head down, not able to talk to anyone. I felt like it had sneaked up on me and pounce! had taken over my special day.

Anyways...I think tonight made me so much more aware that it totally is a scheme. Bcause an hour and a half ago, I felt so special and was just jumping around dancing and was having fun being excited about tomorrow. And then boom! it hit. Kind of like the pounce in third grade. First, I was crying because I just miss Chloe so much. Then, it was stuff about my party tomorrow (it was a surprise until today - me and friends going downtown to Water Tower Place and going out to dinner). I think today was the first time in my life I've looked at my face and broke down because I had broken out - even though it is a tiny little bit. When Blogger told me there was a problem with my cookie function as I tried to sign in, that almost set me over the edge again.

It partly makes me feel bad because I don't want my mom to think I'm not thankful for her scheming up a birthday that would make me happy. But it doesn't help that things in my family haven't been the smoothest tonight.

And maybe the enemy has always made me feel like it's my fault, feeling like it's because I expect too much out of my birthday. Now it feels like it's him with a cannon pointed straight at my head, holding a match to the fuse.

Jesus, come rescue me.

Maybe this sounds more like a journal entry instead of a blog.

Of course I'm opposed! Jesus gave me my joy. Jesus loves that I was born, and He loves that my birthday makes me happy. Of course the enemy is going to be against that! So, my birthday is not hopeless. My birthday will not be joyless. And Jesus will rescue me. I believe it. He is not going to let me down; He'll be right there celebrating my birthday with me. =)

Pray for my birthday, if you would. Pray that the schemes of the enemy trying to steal my joy would be crushed. Pray that while me and my friends walk around all the stores at Water Tower looking for fun, we wouldn't even care about those size 2's we don't fit into. Pray that we would have great fun, just because we're together.

Oh, and pray that my parents won't be too nervouse when I drive. ;)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Speed-a, speed-a

These last two days have been some crazy days not to do some posts, let me tell you. Time is limited at the moment, so my descriptions may be cut short. Let me just say two things:

1. I got my permit. And drove a little bit home last night.

2. I drove to school this morning. The whole way! Including, my first time through a Starbucks drive thru! Wahoo!

So...Monday was the first day of driver's ed. We sat in a trailer at these simulators that supposedly resemble the driver's seat of a car... They turned on the old projector (like, old, like, the ones you see in old movies that roll the two rolls around and the projection is all fuzzy and crackling) and showed us a movie of a driver. It's from the perspective of the driver out of the front window and the narrator tells you what to do. You're supposed to pretend you're the driver and do the stuff. Well...that was boring. Especially since they didn't tell us to do the stuff, so we were just watching a car go across a parking lot. SO informative about how to drive.

So then, we grouped together in cars and went round and round in circles in the parking lot. We learned how to stop and go! Yay!

And then yesterday I went again...this time we learned how to drive and turn the other way. We were such gerbils. When one is going round and round on a little track, while being watched by teachers and passersby who think you're funny, one can only do two things:

1. chuckle...it's just way too funny
2. feel like a gerbil

Of course, I know these two things from personal experience.

This time we got our permits! When the instructor called my name up to the front, I rushed out of my seat [simulator] and he was laughing and saying he thought I was leaping out of the seat, like a James Bond ejector seat...well, I added the James Bond part.

The instructors like to talk to you when you stop at stop signs. The first day, the guy was asking me about square feet and square yards, and then yesterday, the new instructor (new, because he wasn't there on the first day) wanted to know all about my school and then told me he was interested in it for his son. Wahoo... campaigning for the school while my friend waits to be able to start her practice reversing...which she can't start until the instructor stops talking to me about my school... haha

And then this morning...mom let me drive to school, and I made many successful left turns, a few lane changes, some blinker-putting-on... anyways.

Off to school!!!!

I'm a driver!!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Today I went on a run. And it felt good. Well, I mean, it itself didn't feel amazing, but the finishing of it felt good. It wasn't horribly hard or anything, and it was quite thrilling to be able to challenge myself. I would get to one point and then want to go further. Actually, I would dream of getting to the first point so that I could challenge myself to get to the next. I ran/jogged (but it wasn't just jogging, so I think I shall call it a run) for twenty minutes. Then, I walked for 2 minutes and then ran all the way home. It was so tempting to walk once I got to my street, and I just had to turn the corner and go down a little bit -- but I didn't! In the end, well, let's see...

Start time: 4:08
End time: 4:45

It's almost forty minutes! That sounded like a dream before I started...I have to get to twenty...but once I get to twenty, I can get to 30...then once I'm to thirty, why not get to forty?? And I did! For me, this is victory.

The second half, my left leg felt like a lead paperweight. Plus, when I woke up this morning, I had a mysterious pain in my foot. I wonder what it is; I think it woke me up a couple times last night. It's not constant, and I can't move my foot one particular way to make it happen. It just does. But it wasn't really a problem while I was out.

My iPod was so helpful. :) Really...I think for me, it's all in my brain. If there is music, I can just focus on that instead of on making my legs move or how I feel. So helpful.

After I got back, I stretched and did crunches and push-ups and jumping jacks. All of this to say I feel quite accomplished.


Back to school tomorrow. Oh, and, a driving permit.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Twenty-five things of which I never grow tired...

I got the idea from another blogger...

1. the song Amazing Grace

2. holding babies

3. playing Dutch Blitz

4. leaving for a trip at the airport

5. Starbucks

6. church services at New Song. I never want them to end.

7. sending cute letters and notes in envelopes with a stamp...just so quaint and exciting at the same time!

8. Kissing Ariel, Judah, Glorie, and Arden

9. wearing eyeliner. It adds so much to your day, because you pass a mirror and think to yourself, "I look good!" as opposed to when you pass the mirror and say, "I look blah. Goodbye, mirror." I hope that isn't a horrible materialistic and vain thing to say.

10. reading blogs. There's something so intriguing about getting a window into people lives and hearts

11. finding way cute $4 shirts

12. walking downtown

13. milk -- 2%, to be exact...none o' this skim milk chicanery

14. going on drives, even if it's just on an errand.

15. hugs

16. being nice and warm in the middle of winter

17. pictures...taking them, looking at them - again, so intriguing to be let into other people's lives. and my friends and family sure know that my camera is almost glued to my fingers...hehe - maybe that's an exaggeration

18. raspberries

19. hot showers...very hot...without being in a hurry

20. wonderful voices: Amy, Josh Groban, Tim Reimherr, my sisters

21. pretty coats

22. matching color schemes...rooms, weddings, parties, outfits...whatever it is -- as long as it matches and is creative but really elegant at the same time, it's delightful

23. wedding dresses

24. sifting through things and deciding whether they are acceptable or not: clothes, colors, baby clothes, designs, tables, etc.

25. Milano cookies

Cute Enough

That's my blog for today. Until I can think of something else.

Friday, January 04, 2008


a picture that Amy and I took on the first day of 2008!!

I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that a flight to Hawai'i ($1,017) cost more than double the cost of a flight to Dublin. ($450) I'm not even asking to leave to the country!! Just let me get to Dorothy....

Also, I think a New Year's resolution for me can be to always mentally run through what day it is and why I'm leaving a message before the magic lady finishes saying "...after the tone..." I'm tired of worrying about he awkward silence in my message before I complete my thought:

"This is Annie and I'm calling on... (let's have another set of ellipses just for sarcastic -and unnecessary- emphasis) ...Friday"
Sorry, Chloe and all the Brennts who are subjected to my sad pause before I figured out it was Friday.

On New Year's Day, my family threw me a party. Amy is so good to me - she remembered me drooling over Glorie's party (well, I wasn't actually drooling. Admiring with a wish might be a better way to put it); she and Suzy rallied together a pretty party for me with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and decorations and a beautious matching cake...

the ring my parents gave me

had to get around to the candles on the other side of the cake topper...

Judah really liked the "i[ce] cw[r]eam". Such fwams of cuteness, I can't.even.stand.it.

We had Chicago pizza for dinner and the cake was chocolate, if you cared for the details. =) Did I mention that I feel celebrated?

Oh, and, Amy and I watched Shadowlands. It is physically impossible to not cry when you watch that movie (in its entirety...my dad didn't cry, but he didn't see the whole thing).

In closing, let's have a new countdown:

Driving Permit: 3 days

Birthday: 7 days

Graduation: many days...but not too many, which is a nice thing. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Post of 2008!

Happy 2008!

I just needed to say that for posterity's sake, because it is 2008 (which I have easily forgotten over these two days).

Today was supposedly the end of our family Christmas. OJ, Suzy, and crew flew out this morning, while Amy,Liz , and Glorie were scheduled to drive out this morning too. Instead, Liz, Amy, Glorie, and I were at Children's Memorial Hospital at their clinic to make sure that Glorie didn't have the strep that had been going around. The kids and Suzy were sick, and Glorie got it, and Amy and I maybe got it mildly. Anywho, I was at Children's today.

I have fond memories of Children's. It's strange that one can have fond memories of places such as hospitals were one has been sick. Still, I do. Children's hospitals aren't dismal; they have color everywhere...that also seems strange - that you can find cheer and heartbreak in the same place. Today in the waiting room, there were probably about six little kids, most of them babies. There was a really little one whose mom looked like she hadn't slept at all the night before, and a little boy who just cried while his mom did all she could do, just comforting him, which is all you can do sometimes. Then, there was the cute, happy boy who looked about one year old. His mom was with him, and the first thing I noticed was that she was dressed really nicely in a cute dress and high-heeled boots. That's not how most people look in the urgent care waiting room, but it turned out she wasn't waiting for the clinic doctor, but for another doctor to take her and her son upstairs. She looked a lot like Nicole Kidman actually, and seemed about four or five months pregnant. That little boy was just so happy, laughing and playing around. Obviously you can't tell by just looking at people, but his hair made me think he had cancer. What struck me was that he was just so happy!! It was really sweet though to see this mom and son be happy and encouraged.

It's heart-breaking to see little children be sick. I just want to take them up and cradle them. I love little kids. I could hold them from the beginning of time to forever!! =) hehe...

Speaking of little kids...

Now don't you wish you were these cute kiddos' aunt??

Oh my goodness - pictures galore!!! More to come. :)

*End note: this Christmas has been filled with many things, one of them being food. Sugary food to be exact. Jelly beans, chocolate, birthday cake... Tonight I am having a dinner consisting of: 1 bell pepper. Some salad leaves. Cucumber. Carrots. Tomato. Praise-alleuia...let's hear it for some healthy trends. Maybe I can start running with my new iPod. I sure hope so.*