Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm melting inside right now and it's for a very unexcusable reason. Yes. It's true. I have no M&M's.

But I have to tell you the story of my other melting for the week. But wait, that has to be prefaced by my other story of the weekend that led to the melting - the real melting and the M&M melting.

I spent last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with Rachel in DeKalb!! Amy and I took the Metra out there, (the adventure of which has been here recounted...let me just say that aside from the group of Harley Davidson hard-core-ists occupying the same train car as us, the trip back to Chicago was pretty much uneventful. Oh, except for that I was already melting).

M & M's: their house is addicted to them, and I gladly joined in. Now I have none and am suffering withdrawl. I tried two stores tonight, but they were just too expensive! Woe is me.

Now, the real melting was caused by an all-nighter Friday night. We were, as a large group, watching episode after episode of Everwood.

By the time we finished the season, it was 5 am. I am so mad at Dr. Brown (pictured left) who made just about the stupidest decision I've ever seen anyone make. Argh!!

Anyways, we were at 5 am, and I wanted to accomplish staying up all night for the first time ever. So, we did. Youtube and Homestarrunner helped out, and soon (a very long soon) it was time to go to the train station.

But see, here comes the difficult part. I had triumphed over the need for sleep. But no, I hadn't yet triumphed over music school. And it didn't quite happen. Mr. Pan picked us up at the train station and had a Starbucks for me (Saved my life #1). We rushed over to music school, but you see, when you haven't slept all night, your nerves are very fragile, and you have a tendency to...cry. So, there I was, trying to lug all of my luggage from the weekend through the narrow stairs at Merit, with tears starting. I try to hold them back, but my tears and Franz Schubert became good friends during my piano lesson. Finally my teacher asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm just sooo....tired." *sniff...sniff*

I guess it's my own fault for staying up late.

But Colin coming round and immediately asking, "What's wrong with you?" didn't help. Oh, and, me trying to hide my crying in the end of the hallway, while I try to reach Amy on the phone to say that yes, they left me too soon and I am falling apart, and please, would you pray for me.

I sounded pretty crazy the whole rest of the day. And I pretty much blanked out in Theory class. And I ate Mr. Pan's sack of snacks for the day that he had packed because I always get to hungry during Merit (Saved my life #2...million...2 million).

Yay for Amy's prayer. Yay for Mr. Pan's granola. Yay for Starbucks caffeine. Yay for Jesus' grace. I'm alive. And I stopped melting, I thought.

Until today, when I need my M&M's.

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