Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Voting Day

Please. I must beg your aid. What should I wear to the wedding this Saturday?? The invitation says, "Formal dinner and dance reception"; plus, my sister is wearing the skirt that I wore to my school formal last year. So, unless Amy is going fancy for some particular reason, I am quite stumped. Hey - I would kinda be stumped no matter what. So, it's an evening wedding in winter, which implies a more formal look anyways... Here are your choices:
I pulled out the old stuff--my grandma's from the 50's or 60's...I think it might be cool to bring the look back in. Plus, I don't have many other options.

Option #1

I think this one is super cute. The one drawback is that my grandma was about a size zero. I am not, yet I can still fit into it. Not much breathing space, but hey, it's super cute and I can handle it.

Option #2

Now, this one is fantastic. Can you say "Fun to wear!" loud enough? But...is it too dressy? Too...old looking??

My mom loves the jacket...I'm not such a big fan. But if it adds to the look... I would rather go for the plain dress with a shawl or something.

With jacket:

With jacket unzipped:
Just plain dress (my personal favorite, I believe):

Option #3

I like to call this the "modern option". There are problems with it, though, and they are numerous. One, it looks way too summery. Two, the shirt would be more elegant if it was longer, I think. Three, it's not the most flattering.

So...it's a tough choice! Please vote, though, and hopefully we can get some sort of concensus.

Oh, and, if you could also please forward ahead a message to the wedding and ask a couple people besides my sisters to dance with me, that would be lovely. (especially if I'm wearing the flowy copper one) Thank you muchly!


Unknown said...

i like option 1 or 2c. they're all cute though!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress with jacket optional. Definitely take the jacket with you because you might get chilly in just spaghetti straps, but if/when you are out dancing during the reception (I am making an assumption, I know) you can leave the jacket on your chair. I love it! Oh, and best with jacket unzipped, rather than zipped, although the latter is still a very good look for you. Very elegant.

Unknown said...

Option 2, dress with jacket definitely! It's gorgeous and elegant. Plus, you know modest is sexy :)