Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Yesterday in range, I was in my car with the other three people, getting ready to start going when nice Mr. Gill came around to my window.

"You been practicing with your parents?"


"You wanna go on a traffic?"


So, I was on a traffic. I went in and they told the traffic guy to count it as my first traffic. We got a-going, and I was pretty confident. The car we were driving had weird brakes and a weird gas pedal, but I got used to it. We went along, and went along some more. Once, when we had to stop for gas, I asked how I was doing and he said that I was doing really good--he could tell that I had been practicing. So, I drive a little more and then I have to switch with the other boy. The instructor says:

"You did good. I'm gonna give you a C+"


Heart went: thud. Huh? A C+? I was so confused...Excuse me, sir, but you didn't tell me I did anything wrong. Excuse me, sir, but you said I was doing good. Excuse me, sir, but does this mean that I can't get a waiver? Mister, I don't get C+'s. What did I do, what did I do, to cause you to condemn me to this lowest state of all misery??

Well...maybe not the lowest state.

A whole 45 minutes, reahearsing what I would say. I even convinced myself that it was because he hated women: you see - we were behind this car that wasn't turning when it could, and he said, "is it a woman driving??....give 'em a honk." My brain went pop! it's because I'm a girl! That's it! I am gonna have to be bold and stand up for myself. He didn't tell me to fix anything, so it is entirely unfair that he should fail me (maybe it's not failing, but compard to the A & B we've been told we need to get a waiver, a C -- yes, even a C+ -- can be pretty discouraging).

Turns out I needed worrilessly...I mean, I needlessly worried. See, this has got me all tied up in three knots.

At the end of the other boy's drive, the instructor told me I could go. (the other boy didn't do so well...I think he was going to get a serious talk. ooh) Before I left, I said,

"What did I do wrong? Do I need to change something??"

Well, turns out the highest grade he gives on first traffics is a C+ -- you just need an A or B on your second traffic to get a waiver.

Silly me.

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