Friday, January 18, 2008

My first Interview. by instant messenger

The following is an interview with a person who shall name himself:

1. Can you tell all the readers your name please?


2. And, Neeth, how do you know me?

well in 2005 i believe i entered the great EWUA, and randomly i met u there.

3. What is your favorite type of ice cream?

chocolate chip cookie dough

4. Really? I like that one too!


5. Praneeth, do you like snow?

Yes, i do.

6. Praneeth, try to give more interesting answers. People are going to read this!

WEll fine then anna yes, i do like snow but i do not like the weather wen it stops snowing because it gets 2 cold.

7. Seen any good movies lately? Nevermind that one. That's a boring question.

7.5.Do you buy popcorn when you go to the move theatre?

Yes, I do buy popcorn when I got to the movie theatre.

8. so, um, if you were to have to go to Hawaii on vacation, would you rather bring a dog or a gerbil?
id rather bring a dog becuase gerbils are weirdly freaky

9. What do you think of the idea that anything that is tiny is cute? Do you agree with it?

I disagree and agree with it at the same time for example some puppies are cute wen they are small but when they grow up n become dogs some could be ugly

Interesting point.

I think so too. lol.

10. Are you cold? Because I am.

anna my door jus opened by itself now it is making weird noises

11. Oh no! Have aliens invaded your house?

no.....not yet...i shut the door so no worries

12. Yesterday you were excited because you ate breakfast. What did you eat?

o i dnt remember da name of it but it s like a crissan wit apple sugar in it idk
i dnt kno anna

Here I think it may be necessary to insert a translation: "Oh, I don't remember the name of it, but it's like a croissant with apple sugar in it. I don't know. I don't know, Anna."

13. Have you ever been bitten by a squirrel?

14. how about by a terribly large robot that resembled a mix between a coffee filter and a cookbook?

anna stop confusing me

15. well praneeth, maybe we should wrap up this interview. Any last words?
well...I mean, last for the interview.

hahahaha I will wrap up this interview

well this was a very slow and very "interesting" interview, possibly u guys are going to c another interview of Neeth by Anna Peterson soon.

Well, those are some nice parting words. thank you, Praneeth. Till another interview comes along, here's saying "howdy" to y'all. Have a nice few days.

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