Sunday, January 13, 2008


Have you ever danced in the street? I have. Ever been watched by people while dancing in the street? Pick me! Pick me!

Yesterday, we were on our way to the restaurant when we passed some speakers that were playing some music by the Supremes or some such group, and I pulled a quick little move. Well, there just happened to be a man passing me going the other way, who was glad to see a friendly face having fun on the street, so he said, "You go, girl! Don't be shy!"...that locked me into that mode where your eyes only look at one spot. you have one path for your feet to go and one path only, and you don't. say. anything. My friends thought it was awesome. Hehe. I just couldn't keep from dancing after watching Enchanted.

My other fun story from my birthday outing is that on the highway, we were driving near a car that a didn't have its headlights on, and so we tried to figure otu how we could pass the message to them. We weren't sure that flashing our lights would work, so we tried to get up alongside of them, and Mr. Pan made a motion of lights flicking with his hands...they didn't get it. Instead, they ended up speeding way up so as not to be beside us anymore...and one of the backseat passengers waved as they left. When we did get up next to them, we, tripled the effort. Both me and Mr. Pan flashed our little imaginary finger-lights, and he flashed his lights at some point in the whole ordeal, and they got it. The idea of our sanity was redeemed.

Downtown birthday fun. And aboslutely no pictures. (Me! can you believe it? No pictures!) And a very late time showing on the clock (that night and now....goodnight).

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