Saturday, January 05, 2008

Twenty-five things of which I never grow tired...

I got the idea from another blogger...

1. the song Amazing Grace

2. holding babies

3. playing Dutch Blitz

4. leaving for a trip at the airport

5. Starbucks

6. church services at New Song. I never want them to end.

7. sending cute letters and notes in envelopes with a stamp...just so quaint and exciting at the same time!

8. Kissing Ariel, Judah, Glorie, and Arden

9. wearing eyeliner. It adds so much to your day, because you pass a mirror and think to yourself, "I look good!" as opposed to when you pass the mirror and say, "I look blah. Goodbye, mirror." I hope that isn't a horrible materialistic and vain thing to say.

10. reading blogs. There's something so intriguing about getting a window into people lives and hearts

11. finding way cute $4 shirts

12. walking downtown

13. milk -- 2%, to be exact...none o' this skim milk chicanery

14. going on drives, even if it's just on an errand.

15. hugs

16. being nice and warm in the middle of winter

17. pictures...taking them, looking at them - again, so intriguing to be let into other people's lives. and my friends and family sure know that my camera is almost glued to my fingers...hehe - maybe that's an exaggeration

18. raspberries

19. hot showers...very hot...without being in a hurry

20. wonderful voices: Amy, Josh Groban, Tim Reimherr, my sisters

21. pretty coats

22. matching color schemes...rooms, weddings, parties, outfits...whatever it is -- as long as it matches and is creative but really elegant at the same time, it's delightful

23. wedding dresses

24. sifting through things and deciding whether they are acceptable or not: clothes, colors, baby clothes, designs, tables, etc.

25. Milano cookies

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