Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Speed-a, speed-a

These last two days have been some crazy days not to do some posts, let me tell you. Time is limited at the moment, so my descriptions may be cut short. Let me just say two things:

1. I got my permit. And drove a little bit home last night.

2. I drove to school this morning. The whole way! Including, my first time through a Starbucks drive thru! Wahoo!

So...Monday was the first day of driver's ed. We sat in a trailer at these simulators that supposedly resemble the driver's seat of a car... They turned on the old projector (like, old, like, the ones you see in old movies that roll the two rolls around and the projection is all fuzzy and crackling) and showed us a movie of a driver. It's from the perspective of the driver out of the front window and the narrator tells you what to do. You're supposed to pretend you're the driver and do the stuff. Well...that was boring. Especially since they didn't tell us to do the stuff, so we were just watching a car go across a parking lot. SO informative about how to drive.

So then, we grouped together in cars and went round and round in circles in the parking lot. We learned how to stop and go! Yay!

And then yesterday I went again...this time we learned how to drive and turn the other way. We were such gerbils. When one is going round and round on a little track, while being watched by teachers and passersby who think you're funny, one can only do two things:

1.'s just way too funny
2. feel like a gerbil

Of course, I know these two things from personal experience.

This time we got our permits! When the instructor called my name up to the front, I rushed out of my seat [simulator] and he was laughing and saying he thought I was leaping out of the seat, like a James Bond ejector seat...well, I added the James Bond part.

The instructors like to talk to you when you stop at stop signs. The first day, the guy was asking me about square feet and square yards, and then yesterday, the new instructor (new, because he wasn't there on the first day) wanted to know all about my school and then told me he was interested in it for his son. Wahoo... campaigning for the school while my friend waits to be able to start her practice reversing...which she can't start until the instructor stops talking to me about my school... haha

And then this let me drive to school, and I made many successful left turns, a few lane changes, some blinker-putting-on... anyways.

Off to school!!!!

I'm a driver!!!!

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

This is crazy impossible! How can you be driving? Don't you know YOU WERE JUST BORN?????