Sunday, January 06, 2008


Today I went on a run. And it felt good. Well, I mean, it itself didn't feel amazing, but the finishing of it felt good. It wasn't horribly hard or anything, and it was quite thrilling to be able to challenge myself. I would get to one point and then want to go further. Actually, I would dream of getting to the first point so that I could challenge myself to get to the next. I ran/jogged (but it wasn't just jogging, so I think I shall call it a run) for twenty minutes. Then, I walked for 2 minutes and then ran all the way home. It was so tempting to walk once I got to my street, and I just had to turn the corner and go down a little bit -- but I didn't! In the end, well, let's see...

Start time: 4:08
End time: 4:45

It's almost forty minutes! That sounded like a dream before I started...I have to get to twenty...but once I get to twenty, I can get to 30...then once I'm to thirty, why not get to forty?? And I did! For me, this is victory.

The second half, my left leg felt like a lead paperweight. Plus, when I woke up this morning, I had a mysterious pain in my foot. I wonder what it is; I think it woke me up a couple times last night. It's not constant, and I can't move my foot one particular way to make it happen. It just does. But it wasn't really a problem while I was out.

My iPod was so helpful. :) Really...I think for me, it's all in my brain. If there is music, I can just focus on that instead of on making my legs move or how I feel. So helpful.

After I got back, I stretched and did crunches and push-ups and jumping jacks. All of this to say I feel quite accomplished.


Back to school tomorrow. Oh, and, a driving permit.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Wow! Great job, Anniebugs :) Hey, I've got a "Chocolate", and while it's not an ipod, I'll be joining you soon with my earbuds in and my feet following the beat :) Kim arranged it all for Christmas.