Friday, January 04, 2008


a picture that Amy and I took on the first day of 2008!!

I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that a flight to Hawai'i ($1,017) cost more than double the cost of a flight to Dublin. ($450) I'm not even asking to leave to the country!! Just let me get to Dorothy....

Also, I think a New Year's resolution for me can be to always mentally run through what day it is and why I'm leaving a message before the magic lady finishes saying "...after the tone..." I'm tired of worrying about he awkward silence in my message before I complete my thought:

"This is Annie and I'm calling on... (let's have another set of ellipses just for sarcastic -and unnecessary- emphasis) ...Friday"
Sorry, Chloe and all the Brennts who are subjected to my sad pause before I figured out it was Friday.

On New Year's Day, my family threw me a party. Amy is so good to me - she remembered me drooling over Glorie's party (well, I wasn't actually drooling. Admiring with a wish might be a better way to put it); she and Suzy rallied together a pretty party for me with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and decorations and a beautious matching cake...

the ring my parents gave me

had to get around to the candles on the other side of the cake topper...

Judah really liked the "i[ce] cw[r]eam". Such fwams of cuteness, I can'

We had Chicago pizza for dinner and the cake was chocolate, if you cared for the details. =) Did I mention that I feel celebrated?

Oh, and, Amy and I watched Shadowlands. It is physically impossible to not cry when you watch that movie (in its dad didn't cry, but he didn't see the whole thing).

In closing, let's have a new countdown:

Driving Permit: 3 days

Birthday: 7 days

Graduation: many days...but not too many, which is a nice thing. :)

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I Live For Christ Jesus said...

annie, that was just the cutest video of judah ever. ohhh he is so cute.