Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Post of 2008!

Happy 2008!

I just needed to say that for posterity's sake, because it is 2008 (which I have easily forgotten over these two days).

Today was supposedly the end of our family Christmas. OJ, Suzy, and crew flew out this morning, while Amy,Liz , and Glorie were scheduled to drive out this morning too. Instead, Liz, Amy, Glorie, and I were at Children's Memorial Hospital at their clinic to make sure that Glorie didn't have the strep that had been going around. The kids and Suzy were sick, and Glorie got it, and Amy and I maybe got it mildly. Anywho, I was at Children's today.

I have fond memories of Children's. It's strange that one can have fond memories of places such as hospitals were one has been sick. Still, I do. Children's hospitals aren't dismal; they have color everywhere...that also seems strange - that you can find cheer and heartbreak in the same place. Today in the waiting room, there were probably about six little kids, most of them babies. There was a really little one whose mom looked like she hadn't slept at all the night before, and a little boy who just cried while his mom did all she could do, just comforting him, which is all you can do sometimes. Then, there was the cute, happy boy who looked about one year old. His mom was with him, and the first thing I noticed was that she was dressed really nicely in a cute dress and high-heeled boots. That's not how most people look in the urgent care waiting room, but it turned out she wasn't waiting for the clinic doctor, but for another doctor to take her and her son upstairs. She looked a lot like Nicole Kidman actually, and seemed about four or five months pregnant. That little boy was just so happy, laughing and playing around. Obviously you can't tell by just looking at people, but his hair made me think he had cancer. What struck me was that he was just so happy!! It was really sweet though to see this mom and son be happy and encouraged.

It's heart-breaking to see little children be sick. I just want to take them up and cradle them. I love little kids. I could hold them from the beginning of time to forever!! =) hehe...

Speaking of little kids...

Now don't you wish you were these cute kiddos' aunt??

Oh my goodness - pictures galore!!! More to come. :)

*End note: this Christmas has been filled with many things, one of them being food. Sugary food to be exact. Jelly beans, chocolate, birthday cake... Tonight I am having a dinner consisting of: 1 bell pepper. Some salad leaves. Cucumber. Carrots. Tomato. Praise-alleuia...let's hear it for some healthy trends. Maybe I can start running with my new iPod. I sure hope so.*

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