Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving brings out the best in neighborhoods. Most years, I'm a hermit inside my house, occyupying myself with random things while waiting for the food...mashed potatoes has become my particular specialty (to make...and to eat, I guess).

This year, however, I had to drive back and forth to Lizzie's. I cooked potatoes there and baked a casserole and cleaned and fed the dog, etc. It takes about 1 minute, 46 seconds to get to Lizzie's house: no major streets, one stop sign (depending on which way you go) and a few cars parked on the side of the road. Yesterday, there were a LOT more cars, and they were all centered around particular houses. Warm, fuzzy feelings began rising up in me as I thought about so many people, gathered together around the country (and our neighborhood) for the sole purpose of being together (and maybe a little turkey). Think about it. Thanksgiving is one of the few days of the year where everyone feels the injustice of anyone not having a fwam of a turkey. No one is okay with someone being alone on Thanksgiving. Yep, you're getting warm fuzzy feeling now too, aren't you?

Our personal Thanksgiving was quite nice. We had Thanksgiving breakfast together at a hotel with Liz and Peter before they headed out to Minnesota.

getting ready to head out the, she's not a superhuman four year old though we do think she's quite amazing...the angle just makes it LOOK like she's carrying baby.
eating it up...
then we played outside for a while.  Yes, Judah is wearing pink pants.  Glorie's pink pants, to be exact.  At least this time it's not a my-dad-got-me-dressed deal.  No, no.  Instead it's more of a bodily function that couldn't quite be contained in the diaper deal.  With no spare pants except girl cousin's pj's in the car.

just after this picture was taken, her 6'4" dad remarked how Glorie has now surpassed Judah in height...
OJ and Judah can see the progression.  OJ hides...Judah runs in circles...
Then we cleaned and got ready and Pete came!  We love Pete.  We all got dressed up and took some family portraits.

they are a lovely family, are they not?
all of us...
this following is the best one of this particular group...even though it's blurry

Ariel was soooo excited about her Thanksgiving dress

Then we ate.  Suzy cooked an amazing meal...

the turkey and the boys
don't worry...that's sparkling grape juice getting poured into Judah's cup

And it was yummy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Peppermint Patty

You know what I haven't had yet this season?  A peppermint mocha.  Not that it's a tradition or anything, but when I think about it, it seems kind of wrong.  I've had the red cup, but not the pepperminty goodness.

What I have had, however, is peppermint patties.  You see, I've been working on college applications, and Liz happens to have a nice little stash of these other minty goodnesses in her cupboard, and when I just can't write one more sentence, I go break out the patty.  For a little inspiration, you know?

How are college applications going, you ask?  For the first time in a long time, you're about to get a positive answer.

Yes, sir, applications are actually going fine!  I have to more forms to do, and then I'm done!  Two!  Granted, one of those involves THREE small essays, but I am making progress.  Three supplements submitted with one more to go, then I just have to upload the final product of my main essay and submit that.

Almost there...almost there.  Please, someone have a party with me when this is over.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Family that Bakes Together Stays Together

Today Judah and I got some quality bonding time.  Suzy took Samuel and Ariel to the store (Thanksgiving, here we come!), and when Judah woke up, it was a party with Annie.  We hung out, had some yummy food, went on a walk, and baked a coffee cake.  About a week ago, Judah and I were about to bake said coffee cake when we were interrupted by visitors.  Today, Judah still remembered and wanted to bake, so we did!  Then we watched a movie, and he even wanted to sit next to me and put his head on my shoulder instead of sit on his dad's lap!  Talk about making me smile inside...not that he shouldn't be with OJ, but he LOVES his dad and pretty much never turns down an opportunity to be close to him.  I love my Judah...

Here's a cute-o picture of him from our walk:

And here's a couldn't-you-just-eat-him-up-'cause-he's-so-cute picture of Samuel.  Yes, you know you want to kiss his cheeks.
THANKSGIVING UPDATE: So, we thought it was going to be just us for Thanksgiving, but a friend of Suz and OJ's from Tacoma is thinking of coming!  WEEEEE!!!  He might not come, but he's wanting to and looking at tickets!  Come, Pete!  Come!

Monday, November 24, 2008


So, I just realized that my profile had my blog hidden...this means that when I commented on other Blogger blogs, and someone else saw my comment, then clicked on my name, it looked like I didn't have a blog!  So much possible traffic wasted!  Dear possible readers, PLEASE COME BACK!! I will comment and comment more, and now please click on my name and see hey!  she has a blog!

In other news, hello New York, New Orleans, and LONDON!  I am loving Google Analytics.

Only 3 Sleeps!

Yesterday morning on the way to church Ariel asked "How many sleeps until Thanksgiving??"  Well, dear little one, only four sleeps (three today) until we eat the yummiest food in all of America and celebrate being thankful and being pilgrims...  

Growing up, Thanksgiving was our big holiday.  We didn't do Christmas until I was about 9 or 10.  That's correct, people.  You read right: we didn't do Christmas. 

Or at least, not in the normal American-sense.  We didn't get a tree, we didn't give presents.  We DID praise the Lord that He was born and we DID have a big, yummy dinner (basically a second Thanksgiving, only with ham).

I remember the days of begging my dad for a probably included some sort of logic akin to: "Everybody else has one!"  "It'll be fun!"  "It'll help us be closer as a FAMILY!"  "We get to practice giving!"  "I REALLY want that Polly-pocket set!"  

You know, something like that.

No Christmas presents.  My brother's birthday is Dec. 23, and mine is Jan. 11, so it's all pretty crammed in there.  Finally, Dad caved, we ventured out on the then-foreign mission of picking a tree, and Christmas is now an established tradition in our family.  I think squeezing it in there was good to do before we started marrying into various other families, all of whom do Christmas. Even though we've started doing the presents (and everyone only gets two: we pick names so we don't all go bankrupt), my dad emphasizes every Christmas morning that it is all about JESUS.  The reason we celebrate is because in His kindness He took on a human body...something that should blow our minds every time we think about it.

Back to the subject of the particular way we celebrate the holiday: since there was no Christmas, Thanksgiving was our HUGE holiday.  It was when everyone came home, we had tons of other people over, Grandma got carried up the stairs by the men of the house (sometimes in her wheelchair, but we do have this precious picture of Sam, home from the Naval Academy, carrying little frail grandma in his arms up our stairs).  She always got the most comfortable chair, everyone dressed up, and we were thankful.  Thankful for each other, thankful for the holiday that forced everyone to come home for a few days, and mostly thankful for Jesus.  Our thanks usually turned to Him and what He'd been doing in our lives...and most often turned towards the fact that He came and the fact that He died...we were thankful for the freedom His cross brought in our lives.

The dawn of the McPeterHerd Christmas tradition has sadly meant the sunset of the set-in-stone Thanksgiving tradition.  Eventually, sisters had to spend holidays with their husbands' families.  People might have to plan on coming for Christmas, and miss Thanksgiving.  We started wearing jeans to dinner, even if make-up was freshened up and a pretty shirt put on.  

I thought last year was small, when Thanksgiving was my parents, me, and Amy (oh, and the Pakistani doctors...different story).  This year it's going to be even more secluded.

Elizabeth, Peter, and Glorie are headed to MN for dinner with Peter's family.  Mom, Dad, and foreign student Steve were going to be here, until Mom had an emergency appendectomy last, it will be the McD's and me.  No matter who's there, the thanks will be the same, and I can assure you our words before we dig into the turkey will again reflect on the goodness and beauty of Christ.  (And Judah might throw in a little thanksgiving for goats...he likes to do that)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Videos of note

Raking, raking.  Ariel's the only one that got anything real done, but you know what?  Those other ones had fun!

As with most videos of children doing normal things, this may only interest you if you're related to these cute-os.  (Hi, Aunt Mamy!)  Oh wait, I take that back.  No matter who you are, the fact that Judah's dancing outfit is his coonskin cap and Alligator Wellies will probably humor you.

And lastly, this isn't really important but GUESS WHAT I SAW ON DRUDGE REPORT?  24!  24!  24, in case you don't know, was affected by that writer's strike that happened a while back.  The thing is, 24 can't start in the middle of a season because then it wouldn't be 24.  It would be 13, or 10, or even worse 8.5...maybe 60 minutes would have a special that ran a half hour extra and then things would REALLY be thrown off.  *In case you don't know, each season has 24 hours documented, real time.  It's quite riveting what can happen in 24 hours...bombs, hostages, guns, world wars...all in 24 hours*

DISCLAIMER: I have only watched one season of this show.  Well, one plus the few that got me hooked in the season before.  I don't really feel the need to watch another season...I had my 24 experience and it's done.  Plus, it's extremely violent and, though I can appreciate Jack Bauer's rival-of-Chuck-Norris status, he needs to learn how to not torture people.  Therefore, I really can't tell you whether it's okay to watch this show.  I won't be.

K, but here's the perplexing part.  They're doing a little two hour catch-up show before the real season starts in January.  Read the description from the website:
After sacrificing everything for his country, Jack Bauer is wanted by the U.S. government and now stands to lose the only thing he has left: his freedom. Working as a missionary in Africa, Bauer is called upon to stop a ruthless warlord from drafting innocent children into his murderous militia. First, Bauer must confront his own torturous past and face an impossible decision that will change his life forever. A decision that will set the stage and raise the stakes for Season Seven, which debuts in January 2009.
Did you catch the "working as a missionary" part?  (Remember the afore-mentioned torturing problem) .  Wait a minute...are they really going to make Jack Bauer a missionary, or have they decided to go ahead and re-define the word?  I mean Jack Bauer is nice and everything, but...preaching the gospel?  That'd be cool, and it does air on Fox, would really surprise me if he's actually there with a church instead of just doing good things and being called a "missionary".   Strange that they chose that wording, methinks.

Tunes in my Ears

Just bought on iTunes...just added to my playlists.

I'm not big on sentimental K-love songs...but this one I really liked (I don't know if it even falls into that).  Anyways, it's encouraging.

Lion of Judah by Jason Upton

Fire.  Pure fire.
No one knows the hour.
No one knows the day.
Jesus is coming soon.
All creation trembles, longing for the day.
Jesus is coming soon
There will be judgment.
There will be mercy
On that terrible day
Leaders will bow down.
Kingdoms will fall down.
Have you felt your world begin to shake?

Hear the sound of the Lion of Judah
See the fire and the fear in the enemy's camp
From the sound of the lion of Judah roaring again
There's a new generation arising
A nameless, faceless, placeless tribe
All they fear is the fear of the Lord
All they hear is the Lion of Judah

Raise up an army!  Raise up an army!  Raise up an army like Joel saw!

This song brings it all out of me.  My heart just shouts to the Lord: "ME!  ME!  I'm part of that tribe!!"  There definitely is a generation rising.  Jesus is coming.  Everything else melts away in importance.


The kids love to dress up and dance. Glorie, now almost as soon as she gets to our house, wants to put on "preTTY Dwess!" and then insists that "lel-lel" (Ariel) put hers on too. Judah promptly runs to get his "dress-up" outfit...a coonskin cap and Alligator Wellies. Let the children dance.

Let them rake as well. Glorie shoveled, as you can see, but they had a blast and not one of them cared that it was so cold their noses were about to fall off.

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These kids have FUN.  

Cracking me up.

Meet Judah's outfit of the night. This cracked me up, and has continued to do so. He is hilarious.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Flat...but mountainous.

Last night I sat in the prayer room for an hour and a half being discouraged. I scored a table and opened my computer and got nowhere on college essays. Seriously, people. An hour and a half. In the prayer room. All I could think was "it takes some serious discouragement for this to happen." Eventually, I decided it was much easier to write about what the Lord was doing in me than it was to make up something for a particular college that sounds better than: "I want to go to your school because I have friends in Tacoma and want to be near them, so,'re the best option. Please let me in [Puppy eyes]."

Then I closed my computer, moved to a seat next to my dear friend Christina, and met Jesus for a long while. By the end I was encouraged and had a lot of weight off of my heavy heart. Jesus is so trustworthy. I truly can trust Him...with my life, with my time, with my heart. He proved to me on the cross that in His eyes, I was worth His very life. He would never save me from so deep to leave me by the wayside.

By now I definitely have a list-topper of what I'm hoping to do next year. Let me introduce you to the Bohlenders, who play a large part in this. I told Randy today how I've been feeling recently: that even if no one else had become my friend in Kansas City, I would feel so loved and accepted purely by the way the Bohlenders have acted towards me. HERE is an example. Randy's commentary of their latest happenings includes me, and I just cannot describe to you how much I am blessed to know this family. I fully invite Randy to sabotage any and all college essays -- who needs college anyway? =D

I have to take a moment to say that one of my current favorite things about them (there is a list that extends beyond the Yangze River) is that they have a gorgeous two year old, 2 month old adopted twin girls...then last week found out they are pregnant and LOVE it. That loving it part rocks my socks off.

Seriously, I don't think I can say "I love that family" enough times. As I began to blend in with the Kansas City crowd and TheCall team, I also learned to gradually accept that the Bohlenders meant what they said, and that I really was loved here. That moment of "hey...maybe they really mean it" is a GREAT feeling. If you haven't felt that in a while, do yourself a favor, break off some insecurity, and believe that next person who says "we love you!" You might just find you have some Bohlenders in your very own life...and then you can make them some cake! =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Does moving on always have to ache?  

I'm obviously pondering next year a lot of the time, and thinking about going somewhere else just makes my heart hurt.

There's something special that's happened to me in Kansas City.  Sometimes I can't describe it, sometimes it's found sitting in the prayer room, sometimes it's on a plane to Washington, D.C. with TheCall, sometimes it's in Costco with Lizzie, sometimes it's around the Bohlender's kitchen table with cake...  No matter where it is shows itself obviously, it's always there in the background.

 A friend recently was mentioning how you have good times in places, but at the end are totally ready to move on.  I do not feel like that.  At the same time, I don't feel like I have to be in KC.  I can feel excited about the ideas of the Lord doing grand things in me and know that those grand plans might include cities and communities other than Kansas City, TheCall and IHOP.  I can feel that way, but I kinda don't want to.

So, as I look toward next year I wonder again, "Does moving on always have to hurt?" 

If I love the thought of staying in Kansas City, cultivating the many amazing friendships the Lord has provided in these few months, of working with TheCall, of finding a home at IHOP...if all of that feels so right and anything else -- Stanford, Wheaton, miles and miles and miles from Kansas City, feels so lonely...

At the same time, I know that Jesus might call me somewhere else, and I fully trust that wherever He sends me He will provide friends and a great calling.


Welcome, Canada!

I have some friends from Canada.  Well, maybe I have an acquaintance.  Hey, actually, I kind of have two or three!

Off subject.

What I really want to say is welcome to my first international visitor (since beginning to use Google Analytics...yes, I stalk the map and watch how many times you've visited my blog... muah hahaha....)  Halifax, Canada -- thanks for stopping by!

Maybe I need to do a bloggy give-away.  I'm really trying to figure out how normal people who write about normal everyday stuff rack up the readers!  Any advice, master bloggers?

And in other news, I still haven't finished those applications.  

Dear Stanford, Princeton, etc.:

You have officially driven me to the point of tears.  Congratulations.

Not yours,


Save As...

If you don't know already, I'll just tell you know that I am SO done with college stuff.

Sure, there are still exciting moments, but they are FEW and far between.  And I mean FAR.

I don't want to think about it anymore!  I don't want to write anymore!  That's probably why I haven't really been writing much at all.  The other night I finally edited my big essay, only to close it unsaved.  See, I had pressed Ctrl+S plenty of times, but apparently it wasn't saving to ANYWHERE.  It was just an attachment from an e-mail that I had open and was working on, and when I pressed save, it didn't stick anywhere!  BAAAHHHH!!!  *hit my head against wall*  And, I still haven't re-written those edits.  Hopefully I will when I finish this blog.  =D

Anyways, in the end, I really just want to know if that still, small voice was really THE still, small voice, in which case...I need to stop worrying because I know what I'm going to do.  Don't worry...I'll keep you updated.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Watch It

If you're interested in hearing Lou's message that I blogged about yesterday, you can click HERE.  

If you can only spend ten minutes, just watch this part:

Sunday, November 16, 2008


One of the things living in Kansas City has done for me is bring leaders into perspective in my viewfinder.  I mean this: in my Christian world and circle, the leaders at IHOP were pretty much what you might call the "stars" of it all.  Like, your Christian star might be Joel Osteen, or Joyce Meyer, or Billy Graham, or Chuck Norris...  While I'd been to Kansas City a lot in my past (Mike Bickle gave me $1!), living here has just brought a certain fact home a bit more: Leaders are just people.  They're so normal!  They have kids, they go to Disneyland, they love on their kids, they rake their lawns...they just have normal lives. 

And I love these guys.  They are honorable, they treat their wives well, their kids are following the Lord, they're humble...I'm so glad to now call them "my" leaders.  

Lou spoke this morning.  Now, his leadership feels a bit different, having been on his team, and feeling like we have a Call family, with him and his wife (who is AMAZING.  So, so sweet.  I love that woman) at the head.  I loved his message.  He has a fire in his bones, and it stirred me up.  If you want to hear it, log on HERE at 6:00 pm Central time.  

Don't expect to hear a comfortable message.  After all the election drama and commentary on it all, I totally hope you listen and then let me know you did!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Short and sweet

I'm emotionally worn out, so will write one sweet, sweet story and then sign off.

I'm here to watch Glorie again, and she is all sweetness and smiles.  I'm holding her, lean my head back, and whack it on the door.  It didn't hurt, and I didn't react or say "ouch!" but Glorie saw.  She saw and she cared.  She goes "Nannie head!" and then kisses my cheek and kisses my head and gives me the sweetest snuggle.  Then, after a few seconds, she did it again.  "Nannnie head!" and kissed it again.  

Too sweet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From the Flight to California..."Just Clouds"

I wish I was asleep.  It’s still only 7 am California time, and I have been up since 3:50 Chicago time.  That’s, um, enough hours to be tired.  I tried to sleep but it just didn’t work.  It doesn’t usually on airplanes.  I think I drifted in and out for maybe 50 minutes, but woke up to still have over two hours left of flight time.

Groggy and grumpy that I couldn’t sleep, I looked over to the see the passenger on the other side of the plane leaning over her window, her eye scrunched up to that little peephole on the camera, aiming at the wonder below.  That’s when I thought: “Lady, you’re gonna regret that picture.  It looks pretty now, but when you look back on your photo album of the Happy Retirement trip to San Diego, you’re gonna wonder why you wasted that film.  They’re just clouds.” 

Just clouds.  It seemed like a silly picture to take.  I feel like I always see them from the disposable camera on that first trip on an airplane—the classic here’s the wing of the airplane and some pretty clouds!  We’re FLYING!! Weee!

When you’ve never been on an airplane, you’ve never seen this phenomenon.  It would be no exaggeration to call it a wonder.  I thought about my critique of the lady with the amazement and realized I was wrong.  Dead wrong.  God made those clouds.  I am always amazed when I get those some thousand feet into the air and view what looks like little puffs of perfect snow, before any of the cars have driven through it, throwing dirt everywhere and turning it to slush (this is what happens in Chicago, you see.  Perfect white snow becomes ugly black slush.  Yuck.)   They kinda look like whipped cream.  Or sometimes they look like snow-capped mountains and you have to do a double-take to make sure you’re still in Kansas.

Before airplanes, no one ever got to see this view, except maybe Elijah.  And you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if on his way up his heart took a little jump when he saw this (considering he was able to get over the “I’m in a chariot of fire!” part of it all). 

So, after correcting myself about whether the lady was right or wrong for taking the picture, I decided to look out the window myself.  And what was there?

Mountains, Gandalf.

I love mountains.  I love them.  Then I really got to thinking.  (Since I couldn’t sleep, I guess it turned into a pretty good Pondering Time. 

Mountains and clouds.  They sound so simple, but when you see them you can’t help but be struck by something grand.  When you know the God who designed ever curve of the cloud, and every color of the sunlight reflecting off the white perfection, and every peak of every mountain that rises up out of every valley, then you recognize grandeur.  You recognize that awe that strikes you, and you recognize the love of that Creator.

Love?  Yes, love.  When I see these things I seem to always have a recurring thought: “Was this for me?” 

The Bible says that people who deny God have no excuse because his creation declares that He exists.   I looked at the mountains and thought about that.  I thought about the fact that I’m headed to California to pray for our nation that denies that God exists.  How can they?  How can you look at the mountains rising and falling, or learn about how intricately our human bodies work, or hold a newborn baby and deny that a good God exists? 

Watching the mountains pass underneath me makes me long for the day that we will be with God and enjoy His creation free from sin, free from darkness.  My iPod switched to the song “I Can’t Wait” and it hit home even more.  Someday we will walk with God and be able to stand in wonder with Him at His creation.  Someday the pain of knowing that people deny Him will be gone, and we will enjoy, together, the wonders of this Lord of All.

“To walk in the cool of the day with You; to gaze on the beauty of all You do; to meditate on Your glorious splendor, I was made for You…”  --Matt Gilman

Free? Easy? Yes, please!

So, ohAmanda has a little contest to win a $50 Barnes and Noble Gift Card.  FIFTY DOLLARS.  Christmas presents!  New notecards!  Yes, please!

I'm really hoping this is that one time I actually win.  You know that once when you get really blessed and for some crazy reason your name gets picked.  Unless of course, I really do only get once and I should save it for a sweepstakes to get a trip to Australia or something.  Oh, wait.  That was my sister!!  Right...her friend totally won a sweepstakes and took Liz along on an all-expense paid trip to Bali.  As in, totally free personal villas on the beach with massages every. day.  Gives me hope that some sweepstakes actually end well.  

Every time I feel doubtful about sweepstakes, I remind myself that SOMEONE has to win in the end...why couldn't it be me?  And then I usually go back to my dubious-ness and don't enter.  This time, I entered, and you should too!  (This one's real...)


Song of the Week!

Aren't you excited??!  There's actually a song of the week this time!

SO...Luke Wood.  He's great.  You might be familiar with his song on Constant: "You're FAAAAIIIITHFUUUUUUULLLLL"  Love that song.  Or, you might love getting to his set in the prayer room as I do.  If neither of those things apply to you, I hope you love THIS SONG, and I hope it encourages you to look him up and listen to the rest of his stuff.  Yippee!!!

EDITED TO ADD: So, I wanted to plug in this line and forgot about it...  A while ago in the prayer room I loved this chorus in Luke's set:

"All man's empty promises lie broken at Your feet,
but You have never broken one.

You give beauty for ashes!  
Garments of praise....
You give infinite mercy
To those who fear your Name."

And guess what???  We now have TWO songs of the week, because it's recorded!  Yes!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Places I Need to Go

[Inspired by a mention of needing the visit the Grand Canyon by PinkTea Letters]

I have to visit Jinny!
  1. See the queen
  2. Take a picture in a red phone booth
  3. Listen to the accents
  4. Drive in a cute taxi
Gotta love the canals!

The Motherland

More home pride.  I'll fit in.  

New York City
Never, ever been.  Strange, no?

I need to hear those accents

My family lives there!  It shouldn't be that hard...

France and Spain
Sans-puking, please.  My brother and sister-in-law went right after they found out she was pregnant...she threw up all across Europe.  :(

Everybody's gotta experience the Lone-Star State, full of Republicans and cowboy hats.  (I think)

Eureka, California
This little town in northern California is where my parents met and married just after they got saved.  Both radically born again in the Jesus Movement, God brought them together at this communal ranch in Northern California.  They have so many stories of what it was like there...the wonderful community they had, how they grew in the Lord, how many people were getting saved.  If you were a believer of six months, you were an old one -- so many people were getting saved.  People would stop for the night, and the Christians would just love on them and preach the gospel.  My mom has stories of girls coming with their babies that were high from going to the parties with their mom, and hitch-hikers and hippies that just came in and got to see the way Jesus' people love each other and got boldly preached to!  Someday I have to see this place for myself.  I tried to find a picture of the cross that stands on a cliff just a bit away from here, where people would go to be with God, and where so many people got married.  These are pictures of the ranch itself.

So, basically I need to see the world.  And you?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What We're Up To

Judah and I on our Hot Chocolate Date at Higher Grounds

P.S. Higher Grounds' Vanilla Chai Latte is my favorite! Better than Starbucks, better than Dunn Bros...

Ariel and Glorie on the way to Ariel's ballet lesson!!
Glorie and I watched through the glass while Ariel danced away, and Glorie kept wanting to "Dance dat side!" (aka...the room Ariel was in)

Samuel doing what he mostly does...

Sleeping in his swing.

The remodel in process: spackling and painting the play room. Can't wait to show you the final project! (Can't wait to finish the final project...)

My new bathroom! Nice and green...

There's still a little white shelf I need to put up. A candle and picture will go on that, and I'm still deciding whether or not to hang something on the wall.