Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Does moving on always have to ache?  

I'm obviously pondering next year a lot of the time, and thinking about going somewhere else just makes my heart hurt.

There's something special that's happened to me in Kansas City.  Sometimes I can't describe it, sometimes it's found sitting in the prayer room, sometimes it's on a plane to Washington, D.C. with TheCall, sometimes it's in Costco with Lizzie, sometimes it's around the Bohlender's kitchen table with cake...  No matter where it is shows itself obviously, it's always there in the background.

 A friend recently was mentioning how you have good times in places, but at the end are totally ready to move on.  I do not feel like that.  At the same time, I don't feel like I have to be in KC.  I can feel excited about the ideas of the Lord doing grand things in me and know that those grand plans might include cities and communities other than Kansas City, TheCall and IHOP.  I can feel that way, but I kinda don't want to.

So, as I look toward next year I wonder again, "Does moving on always have to hurt?" 

If I love the thought of staying in Kansas City, cultivating the many amazing friendships the Lord has provided in these few months, of working with TheCall, of finding a home at IHOP...if all of that feels so right and anything else -- Stanford, Wheaton, miles and miles and miles from Kansas City, feels so lonely...

At the same time, I know that Jesus might call me somewhere else, and I fully trust that wherever He sends me He will provide friends and a great calling.


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