Friday, November 07, 2008

Fun times

So, I love stuff that gets you involved in direct communication with people you otherwise wouldn't have met.  Like craigslist...I love craigslist because you meet people that you would NEVER have run into if you weren't selling that crazy orange stuffed chair you've had for forever but don't need.  Ebay's kinda fun that way too, but not as fun as craigslist.  Once I did a sock exchange.  That was fun, and I got a fun stripey pair of socks.  The trouble with the sock exchange was that it was hard to find enough people to pass the baton on to.  Kind of like friendship bread...only you know everyone you give friendship bread to.  Oh, herman.  Herman never ends.  

Rambling aside, I've signed up to be part of this happy exchange:

It's put together by the oh, so wonderful Kate McDonald.  If you want to join in, just go to her blog and comment on the post!   Plus, I love that you are to put an encouraging note in the ornament you send.  Yay for encouraging people you don't even know!  

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Indeed, Herman never ends! But, somehow, he ended.