Saturday, November 22, 2008

Videos of note

Raking, raking.  Ariel's the only one that got anything real done, but you know what?  Those other ones had fun!

As with most videos of children doing normal things, this may only interest you if you're related to these cute-os.  (Hi, Aunt Mamy!)  Oh wait, I take that back.  No matter who you are, the fact that Judah's dancing outfit is his coonskin cap and Alligator Wellies will probably humor you.

And lastly, this isn't really important but GUESS WHAT I SAW ON DRUDGE REPORT?  24!  24!  24, in case you don't know, was affected by that writer's strike that happened a while back.  The thing is, 24 can't start in the middle of a season because then it wouldn't be 24.  It would be 13, or 10, or even worse 8.5...maybe 60 minutes would have a special that ran a half hour extra and then things would REALLY be thrown off.  *In case you don't know, each season has 24 hours documented, real time.  It's quite riveting what can happen in 24 hours...bombs, hostages, guns, world wars...all in 24 hours*

DISCLAIMER: I have only watched one season of this show.  Well, one plus the few that got me hooked in the season before.  I don't really feel the need to watch another season...I had my 24 experience and it's done.  Plus, it's extremely violent and, though I can appreciate Jack Bauer's rival-of-Chuck-Norris status, he needs to learn how to not torture people.  Therefore, I really can't tell you whether it's okay to watch this show.  I won't be.

K, but here's the perplexing part.  They're doing a little two hour catch-up show before the real season starts in January.  Read the description from the website:
After sacrificing everything for his country, Jack Bauer is wanted by the U.S. government and now stands to lose the only thing he has left: his freedom. Working as a missionary in Africa, Bauer is called upon to stop a ruthless warlord from drafting innocent children into his murderous militia. First, Bauer must confront his own torturous past and face an impossible decision that will change his life forever. A decision that will set the stage and raise the stakes for Season Seven, which debuts in January 2009.
Did you catch the "working as a missionary" part?  (Remember the afore-mentioned torturing problem) .  Wait a minute...are they really going to make Jack Bauer a missionary, or have they decided to go ahead and re-define the word?  I mean Jack Bauer is nice and everything, but...preaching the gospel?  That'd be cool, and it does air on Fox, would really surprise me if he's actually there with a church instead of just doing good things and being called a "missionary".   Strange that they chose that wording, methinks.


Anonymous said...

Ok...LOVE the new header, love the cute videos and totally didn't know that about 24. We watched the first 4 season after the fact on I need to catch up! that sounds interesting!

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Extremely strange that they chose that wording. We'll have to see... (but don't know quite how, as I, too, decided that it was way to violent to watch.)

I ADORE the little videos, but I do take issue with your statement that only related folks will like them. Who in their right mind would not love watching these kids??!