Sunday, November 16, 2008


One of the things living in Kansas City has done for me is bring leaders into perspective in my viewfinder.  I mean this: in my Christian world and circle, the leaders at IHOP were pretty much what you might call the "stars" of it all.  Like, your Christian star might be Joel Osteen, or Joyce Meyer, or Billy Graham, or Chuck Norris...  While I'd been to Kansas City a lot in my past (Mike Bickle gave me $1!), living here has just brought a certain fact home a bit more: Leaders are just people.  They're so normal!  They have kids, they go to Disneyland, they love on their kids, they rake their lawns...they just have normal lives. 

And I love these guys.  They are honorable, they treat their wives well, their kids are following the Lord, they're humble...I'm so glad to now call them "my" leaders.  

Lou spoke this morning.  Now, his leadership feels a bit different, having been on his team, and feeling like we have a Call family, with him and his wife (who is AMAZING.  So, so sweet.  I love that woman) at the head.  I loved his message.  He has a fire in his bones, and it stirred me up.  If you want to hear it, log on HERE at 6:00 pm Central time.  

Don't expect to hear a comfortable message.  After all the election drama and commentary on it all, I totally hope you listen and then let me know you did!

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