Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's Done

I take it upon myself to label me a "Crazy lady."

Take that pastor might have called me that once or twice.  

I know you're asking why I would dare such thing.  To think, the term "crazy" going with Annie.

Don't doubt the pastor, people.  Stop doubting!  Stop!

Back to business, I call myself a "Crazy lady" because I just re-did my bathroom.  I am sore, and I am tired, but it's done.  The walls are green, the shower is scrubbed to perfection (imaginary perfection), and you could eat off the floor.  Before I go any farther in the story, let's all agree that we're glad that there were no rivers of blood this time.  Oh, the memories.

I've been meaning for a while to do these things...I definitely wanted to paint the room.  The blue it was before didn't quite match my taste, and I just really needed the room to be my be comfortable, to be pleasant to walk into.  So, I painted it the same color as my room.  {Pictures to come}

But scrubbing the shower...don't think me gross that I procrastinated.  I totally sprayed and wiped the whole thing before I ever got in there, but I knew I really needed to do a toothbrush scrubbing for my own sake.  Ackkk.  Pink stuff.  Yuck.

This stuff I had to clean off was leftover from the people before me.  Let me tell you, it's not fun to think about pink stuff created by someone else sitting on your shower.  "But Annie," you say while you try to get all mental pictures out of your mind, "why are you telling us about it if it's so un-fun to think about?!!?!!  Now I will have nightmares!!"   Don't have nightmares.  And let's stop talking about it, because, well, you're right.  It's not fun to think about it.

So I scrubbed it all.  It made me mad sometimes!  I would just let out a yell at it--that always helped.  I love how satisfying it feels to get bleach on everything.  Even if a piece of plastic is stained, at least you know you killed the bacteria when you sloshed the bleach on it.  (And if I'm in any way wrong about that assumption of having killed the bacteria, please don't tell me.  Thanks.)  I scrubbed and scraped.  Little known fact: a screwdriver is your handiest tool when cleaning a shower.  It's the perfect size to fit in those tiny little spaces, and, let's face it, there is stuff you have to scrape off.  Okay, we'll stop thinking about it again.

Let me tell you, my bathroom is beautious!!!  It's wonderful!  It's breathtaking (still need to get that candle to finish off all the cleaning/paint fumes left)!!

Yes, you're allowed to be happy for me.  My muscles are sore, and I'm tired, and there's more to clean and paint (clean my room, paint the playroom), but I am done for tonight!!  Weee!! 

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