Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free? Easy? Yes, please!

So, ohAmanda has a little contest to win a $50 Barnes and Noble Gift Card.  FIFTY DOLLARS.  Christmas presents!  New notecards!  Yes, please!

I'm really hoping this is that one time I actually win.  You know that once when you get really blessed and for some crazy reason your name gets picked.  Unless of course, I really do only get once and I should save it for a sweepstakes to get a trip to Australia or something.  Oh, wait.  That was my sister!!  Right...her friend totally won a sweepstakes and took Liz along on an all-expense paid trip to Bali.  As in, totally free personal villas on the beach with massages every. day.  Gives me hope that some sweepstakes actually end well.  

Every time I feel doubtful about sweepstakes, I remind myself that SOMEONE has to win in the end...why couldn't it be me?  And then I usually go back to my dubious-ness and don't enter.  This time, I entered, and you should too!  (This one's real...)


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