Friday, November 21, 2008

Flat...but mountainous.

Last night I sat in the prayer room for an hour and a half being discouraged. I scored a table and opened my computer and got nowhere on college essays. Seriously, people. An hour and a half. In the prayer room. All I could think was "it takes some serious discouragement for this to happen." Eventually, I decided it was much easier to write about what the Lord was doing in me than it was to make up something for a particular college that sounds better than: "I want to go to your school because I have friends in Tacoma and want to be near them, so,'re the best option. Please let me in [Puppy eyes]."

Then I closed my computer, moved to a seat next to my dear friend Christina, and met Jesus for a long while. By the end I was encouraged and had a lot of weight off of my heavy heart. Jesus is so trustworthy. I truly can trust Him...with my life, with my time, with my heart. He proved to me on the cross that in His eyes, I was worth His very life. He would never save me from so deep to leave me by the wayside.

By now I definitely have a list-topper of what I'm hoping to do next year. Let me introduce you to the Bohlenders, who play a large part in this. I told Randy today how I've been feeling recently: that even if no one else had become my friend in Kansas City, I would feel so loved and accepted purely by the way the Bohlenders have acted towards me. HERE is an example. Randy's commentary of their latest happenings includes me, and I just cannot describe to you how much I am blessed to know this family. I fully invite Randy to sabotage any and all college essays -- who needs college anyway? =D

I have to take a moment to say that one of my current favorite things about them (there is a list that extends beyond the Yangze River) is that they have a gorgeous two year old, 2 month old adopted twin girls...then last week found out they are pregnant and LOVE it. That loving it part rocks my socks off.

Seriously, I don't think I can say "I love that family" enough times. As I began to blend in with the Kansas City crowd and TheCall team, I also learned to gradually accept that the Bohlenders meant what they said, and that I really was loved here. That moment of "hey...maybe they really mean it" is a GREAT feeling. If you haven't felt that in a while, do yourself a favor, break off some insecurity, and believe that next person who says "we love you!" You might just find you have some Bohlenders in your very own life...and then you can make them some cake! =)

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