Monday, November 10, 2008

Places I Need to Go

[Inspired by a mention of needing the visit the Grand Canyon by PinkTea Letters]

I have to visit Jinny!
  1. See the queen
  2. Take a picture in a red phone booth
  3. Listen to the accents
  4. Drive in a cute taxi
Gotta love the canals!

The Motherland

More home pride.  I'll fit in.  

New York City
Never, ever been.  Strange, no?

I need to hear those accents

My family lives there!  It shouldn't be that hard...

France and Spain
Sans-puking, please.  My brother and sister-in-law went right after they found out she was pregnant...she threw up all across Europe.  :(

Everybody's gotta experience the Lone-Star State, full of Republicans and cowboy hats.  (I think)

Eureka, California
This little town in northern California is where my parents met and married just after they got saved.  Both radically born again in the Jesus Movement, God brought them together at this communal ranch in Northern California.  They have so many stories of what it was like there...the wonderful community they had, how they grew in the Lord, how many people were getting saved.  If you were a believer of six months, you were an old one -- so many people were getting saved.  People would stop for the night, and the Christians would just love on them and preach the gospel.  My mom has stories of girls coming with their babies that were high from going to the parties with their mom, and hitch-hikers and hippies that just came in and got to see the way Jesus' people love each other and got boldly preached to!  Someday I have to see this place for myself.  I tried to find a picture of the cross that stands on a cliff just a bit away from here, where people would go to be with God, and where so many people got married.  These are pictures of the ranch itself.

So, basically I need to see the world.  And you?

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Anonymous said...

Anytime you decide to go, let us know and we will all come with you. But there is no picture of our house in your dignified trail of images.:)
I bet we could make a Texas sheet cake that could at least compete.:)