Saturday, November 08, 2008


Sometimes I have strange ponderings that go through my mind. They are standing questions...ones that will eventually get answered but there's really no way for me to find out yet. They're exciting, and they're somewhat beautiful. Don't you love the paradox of how we actually know nothing about our next step, but God knows everything about every breath of our lives we have yet to take.

Just now I was wondering (not for the first time, mind you) what the first lullaby my babies will ever hear me sing will be. When I rock Glorie, or Judah, or Samuel to sleep, the first words out of my mouth are always "There is a rainbow of mercy around You..." from Matt Gilman's "Closer" and soon after that is often some lines from "Sing to Jesus" or "Amazing Grace" or (more recently) "More than Ashes" by Tim Reimherr.

Of course there's wonderings like "Where will I go to college?", but that's kind of normal.

Another one I think about is significant dates. Just think, if your parents got married on April 21, 1973, they probably had twenty-something April 21st's before that...April 21st's where they had no idea that in just a few years that day would be so important. Who knows what will happen to me on November 8 in the years to come! I could just be on my way to Target to buy groceries one year, or I could be flying to England, or I could be watching a baby take his first steps, or (best of all) I could be enjoying Jesus' reign on the earth. Have you ever thought about that?

What do you wonder about?

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