Sunday, October 05, 2008

Coolest Kids on the Block

Kids #1 & 2 (Marcus and Tim):

I think Merchant Band has the coolest cd names ever.  They are my favorite band, so I'm probably biased but still...  The World Can Wait:

The world really CAN wait...I think it's a good title.

But then... Let the Weak Speak.

You have to admit.  It's pretty cool.

Kids 3 & 4 (Brandon and Beka):

These are wonderful people.  Here's their blog.  They are full of passion and fun, and I was so excited to get to know them in DC.  I want to share with you a slideshow of them: Click Here!  They re-took their wedding pictures (they've been married for two years), and ever since I heard they were doing it, I waited very expectantly to see them!  I just had to link to it, though, because I love that song in the background.  Beka and Brandon wrote and sing that song, and I think it is wonderful.  They are AMAZINGLY talented.  I also love these pictures because of Bekah's wedding dress story.  On the left hand side of their blog, you can click on links to read/watch their love story.  I heard it in person a month or two ago, and it stirred my heart in a very special way.  

One of the coolest parts for me was the story of Bekah's dress.  She explained how she saw it, and looked for it, but needed the Lord to provide it!  She found one on eBay, then had the Lord encounter her TWICE in dreams to release her to buy it.  As they were telling the story, she ran into her room to pull out the box of mementos that go with the story, and she pulled out the picture of the dress that she had seen and ripped out of a magazine.  As it was passed around, I got excited, and a little more excited, and when it finally got to me...I was amazed.  It was the exact picture that I saw maybe two or three years ago (probably somewhere in the middle of sister-wedding-world) that I looked at and thought that it was the perfect dress, and that I would remember it until I got married, and try to find it.  I've remembered it, and, there it was.  Good choice, Beka!  ;)  Just kidding...something about the whole story-connection-thing encouraged my heart.

So, all that to say...enjoy the pictures AND the music.  Make sure you really enjoy the music.  Oh, and, Beka is herself an amazingly talented photographer.  Like, amazingly talented.  There is a flickr feed embedded on the side of their blog, also.  Oh, AND...that couple whose pictures are at the top of the feed are two other super fun friends I've met here.  They also have an unbelievably amazing love story of the way God pulled them together.  I'm telling you, those fairy tales flow like water round these parts.

So maybe those first couples ones aren't actually kids.  These ones are...
Kids #5, 6, 7, and 8:


Anonymous said...

Dear Annie,

I am so happy that you put my picture up on your blog - me and my amazing, technicolor self! Am i one of the coolest kids on the block, too? =D

Yours always,
Mr. Elephant

Annie Peterson said...

Dear Elephant,

It took me a while to remember who you are. Don't be offended or anything, but it did. Why yes, while you don't rank anywhere up there near Merchant Band, Brandon and Beka, or my favoritest kiddos in the whole world, you are probably the cool kid on your block.

I'm sorry that your "block" is now a residence in my closet as it has been requested by the parents of these little ones that have become infatuated with you that I HIDE you away from the little hands.

Again, don't be offended or anything. You're still my friend (I guess).


Anonymous said...

Dear Annie,

Even though the little ones aren't allowed to play with me, maybe you could still spend some time with me. I do get lonely sometimes...

Forever yours,
Mr. Elephant

Anonymous said...

I love the second to last photo- the little guy looks so happy to be in it! *grin*

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog about our traveling dilemma- your words were salve to my bruised heart.

Anonymous said...

awww..Annie you are so sweet and beautiful. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

write your political post! I am going to try to get my first installment up today when Cohen naps!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha you gave Glorie your yellow elephant. how sweet. I knew that you and you're best buddy had a good relationship and that it not only benefited you, it also benefits your niece. how sweet. love ya annie!

ps: i think it's pretty amazing that i still see this elephant from time to time. lol