Saturday, October 04, 2008

Life with a New Baby

I may be a little bit unqualified to write this since
  1. Baby "Ike" has only been home for, oh, about 8 hours
  2. I'm not his mom
But...I do live with him, and I feel as if I can quite confidently say that having a baby around is like nothing else.  

His little cry is a lot like, um, a squeal.  His legs are the very DEFINITION of "scrawns."  Here's him in the coming home outfit I bought him:

I think it's so interesting how his little feet and hands are all wrinkled.  I wonder what he's thinking about when he scrunches his eyebrows while he's asleep.  I love the way he just curls up into a little ball when you snuggle him.

I held him while I ate dinner today.  I held him while I listened to the new Merchant Band cd.  I held him while he birped.  I held him when he was awake and I held him when he was asleep.   

This little mister.  He's stolen my heart.

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