Thursday, October 09, 2008

Glorie Update

Here is the video I promised of the first time we visited Baby it cute or WHAT?

Honestly, I'm the one who needs the Glorie update.  She has been really sick for five days (praise the Lord her fever finally broke last night!) and I have been consumed with McDowell-baby land...I feel like I haven't seen her at all!  When she and Lizzie picked me up this morning to watch her for the day, I was reminded of just how sweet she is!  She bounded back to the swings behind our house, her curls bouncing up and down in the sunshine, and was just her sweet self.  

And, she has totally grown so much since I was last with her...she's speaking more fully, repeating more words clearly...she's just more of a girl! that I can actually talk to!

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