Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going Fancy

This is my outfit today. Sometimes I get cute clothes (at least, I'm hoping these count as cute) and put them all on, and then feel way too "done-up". You know, kind of like someone is going to stop me and be like: "Hey! You're faking! You're not stylish...you're....Annie!"

I look kind of like the giant from Timbuktoo in this picture. Pardon the pose and please just look at the new clothes. :)
In other news, I dropped off another college application at the post office this morning! I have now officially applied to Wheaton College (IL) and Westmont College (CA). We'll see what happens! I should know by the end of December the decision from both those colleges.
I feel like I've been constantly on the move. Rachel spent the weekend in town, and we had a marvelous time. It was her birthday! Noemi had us over for the most fabulous dinner and cake.

I've been shopping (strange, I know) and having time with friends and, um, more time with friends.
Let me explain a bit of the shopping: I wear jeans a lot. Like, every day. Once in a while I wear that one skirt, but I mostly wear jeans. And, I only wear one pair of jeans. I have jean shorts, but the time for those is over (we mourn, we mourn). This particular pair of jeans that I have been wearing all the time were bought over a year ago at a Banana Republic Outlet in Tacoma. Combine the fact that they were actually too short for me, had faded, and were about to have a HOLE, it was past the time for new jeans. Finally, last night, the new jeans were gotten! Yay!! You see them modeled above, in the picture of today's outfit. Ah, new jeans for a great price.
And, I got skinny jeans for $13. I've never had skinny jeans, and never really expected to have them, until my friend got some and they were cute, and I saw co-worker of mine pull off the amazing skinny jeans+heeled short boots+cute jacket look.
I'm off to Wheaton for a financial aid meet. Fun.

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Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to apply to PLU!! ;) (Just kidding)

I just know that Jesus will open a door for you and bring ridiculous provision! And you look gorgeous in your cute little outfit by the way!!! You are absolutely beautiful! I love you!