Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are you SERIOUS?

That's what I said to Amy today when she asked over g-chat: "girl, today is Sat and you haven't blogged since Tuesday. Are you alright?"
Where have I been?
Honestly, I'm not even sure myself. :) Have I mentioned my life is crazy?

Wednesday was quite the day actually. I put on Lizzie's raincoat and green silk scarf, felt put-together, drove the fun new minivan around, dropped Ariel at pre-school then took Judah to the pet store "Wha's a FERRET?", then to Target (to buy coffee and California Pizza Kitchen for OJ), then took him home, fed him, went to work at the office for a little bit, put my [Lizzie's] raincoat and scarf back on, picked up Ariel from pre-school, dropped her off at home then went back to work. Did I mention I felt productive?
Thursday...I watched Glorie. I'm pretty sure we took some pictures, but I'm pretty sure they're on Lizzie's camera, which makes me pretty sure I can't put them on here.

Somewhere between then and now there was a couple boxes of mac & cheese, some work at TheCall office, a few naps (none of them my own), a zoo trip, and two gallons of Sea Sparkle blue paint.

Sorry I can't put up pictures right now...but I'll try to soon! The zoo trip was quite something. Lots of walking. Standing under a leopard, and trying to decide whether the hippos were fighting (an idea which the people around us vehemently opposed...because why? why would it be such a foreign concept for two wild animals to fight? nothing in all creation FIGHTS? WHAT? Sometimes I worry about our world and their ideas...) or kissing ("because they were friends" as OJ explained so simply to Judah).

Two or three sleeps until Chicago...not sure yet which, but that basically sums up my life right now. Do I have everything I need? How do I pack for Cali AND Chicago? I need to go SHOPPING in Chicago... Who do I see when? How many bags of groceries can I get the McDowell's stocked up with before I leave, so as to make their life as easy as possible? Paint? Before I leave? YES!

And I should probably be sure to eat some mac & cheese between now and then also... You know, for moral support. Or something.


bethany said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)
sea sparkle blue paint sounds like fun! I have the habit of purchasing paint based on whether or not I like the name... I just repainted a dresser with glow paint last weekend heheh

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Bravo, bravo!!

Anonymous said...

I too was wondering where you'd gone- glad to have you back amid the busyness and craziness of your life!