Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adventures in Chicago, Day 1

Well, I made it.  I'm here.  And it feels...well, let me say that I feel like Templeton from Charlotte's Web trying to find adjectives to describe what it feels like to be back in Chicago.

The drive yesterday was long, of course.  I learned more about D-Day (Pegasus Bridge), tried to get my parents to listen to Merchant Band, ended up listening to it myself mostly on my iPod, Tweeted like I would never ever be able to tweet again, and finally made it home.

I guess I'll have to tell you later about what a shock it was to partake in Chicago driving again and the shock of the spiritual climate of the city.  I must go meet friends!  WAHOO!!!

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Anonymous said...

After two trips, I decided driving in Chi-town wasn't for me.. I always park outside the city and use the wonderful public transit. Its better than an anxiety attack :)