Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The night of wonders

Tonight I hung out with Jeff and Noemi and it was a blast.  

First, we went to Trader Joe's.  They heard me say this line probably a few too many times: "I love Trader Joe's!!"  Seriously, if you haven't been, you need to go.  We don't have one in Kansas City (please, oh please, TJ's...get the hint!).  Okay, so, here are the pictures I took to show the treats I got for my sisters, who are stuck in KC without a TJ's nearby.  These will come in my suitcase to San Diego, then home to KC!  Disclaimer: I'm not ACTUALLY in love with Trader Joe's.  I don't worship it.  I'm exaggerating.  It's cool, but not THAT cool.  AND, the apple rings & CLIF bars are for me...not that I won't share...I guess the CLIF bars are kinda for Suz too.  :)

I haven't seen this flavor CLIF bar anywhere else (it's my favorite!)

I was on mission to get Liz some of the great sauces they have.  This is "potsticker sauce".  I bought 2 jars. =D
Of all the things Suz could have asked for, she wanted "scrubby things!"  Let me tell you, this brings excitement.  It really does.

Okay, so then we went to eat Tapas from Spain.  SO yummy.  Beef tenderloins with bleu cheese on top.  YUM!

And THEN! we went to a chocolate lounge.  We sat in the restaurant, decided we wanted some warm chocolate cake, but were clueless as to how to find it.  In steps Noemi's hand-held GPS.  She typed "chocolate" in it, and we found Ethel's Chocolate Lounge 0.4 miles from where we were!  Then it spoke Romanian to us, telling us where to turn, etc.  Noemi translated. :)

I asked the guy who worked there if there was a real Ethel, and he said Ethel was the grandmother of the owner...and by owner he meant the CEO of Mars, Inc. which owns the stores.  And I thought it was a local joint.  Oh well, I was still happy with the brown and pink rooms!

Go eat some chocolate!  You know you want to.... =)


Anonymous said...

Scrubby things are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

I am very much in like with TRader Joe's as well. I live an hour from one and when gas prices went down guess where I went? Yep TJ's. I made a deal with myself that as long as gas is under $2.50/gal AND I can pair it with another errand, I can justify going. So I am now currently in search of errands in Columbus, Oh. If you know anyone who needs something there, please send them my way:) I kid, I kid :)

Love or Nothing said...

thanks for your comment! deciding where to go to college can be a crazy thing... personally, i'm really glad i ended up at a non-christian school. my reasoning is that if you surround yourself completely with christians, it makes it really hard to reach out to those who don't know Christ at all (and that is something God calls us to do). plus there are some great christian schools out there but a lot of them and the people that go there don't practice what they preach. i guess what i'm saying is from experience, i think secular schools are the way to go. it challenges you and there are awesome groups on most campuses to join (i.e. campus crusade for christ [which i'm a part of and LOVE], baptist student ministries, etc.) good luck in your search :)

Anonymous said...

mmm...Trader Joe's is the best! And got to love those apple rings...I could eat the whole bag in one sitting.