Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Little Man

Samuel Eisenhower McDowell

Born 10/2/2008. 2:19 pm. 8lb 14 oz.

He's amazing! His little face is so sweet...

I took Ariel and Judah to Target earlier today, and they each got a little toy to bring their new brother. Judah kept wanting to put his directly in the warmer and I kept having to tell him that the baby wasn't quite ready for it yet. :) We all visited, everyone is doing great, and the kids are quite taken with the new baby.

When Judah was born, I was the only family out there are there was something so special about bringing Ariel to the hospital and meeting him at just a few hours old. This time, it was all of us, and it was SO fun to be altogether. I have the cutest video to post (once I can snatch the camera from Liz) of Peter holding Glorie over the warmer and teaching her how to say "Baby Sam".

I am so thankful, that I did have a very special moment this time around, and I think it was just the Lord being kind to me. :) I was the only one with Judah when we got the Picture Message that anounced that he had been born! I showed Judah the picture (which he asked to see again later) and then got to talk with him all about baby brother, and how excited he was to see "brother". I got him all handsomed up in a cute outfit, and we talked about how Judah could share his hat and his cars with the baby once he was big enough. Judah decided that Samuel will like McQueen and Dinoco. Lizzie came to pick us up because Mom was out with Ariel in the car. This is when two very hilarious things happened:
  • I left the house with Judah without his shoes. I didn't notice. I then went back into the house, locked the door, and came out. When we realized he didn't have any shoes on, I realized Mom had the keys. Poor kid went the whole night without shoes
  • Judah's carseat was in the car Mom had (which left before we found out there was a baby!) We would not, however, be deterred by this. Liz brought Glorie's old carseat (aka the one she came from the hospital in) and we put Judah in that. So, the two year old rode in the ifnant car seat facing backwards all the way to the hospital. We prayed for protection and Liz drove carefully.

Let's see...other interesting parts...

Judah insisted he didn't want Lizzie to pick us up to go see the baby...because he didn't want to wait. I asked him if he just wanted us to walk, and he said yes. Then I tried to convince him that it was actually faster in the long run to wait for Lizzie to drive us in the car.

On Suzy's part, I think it was pretty much a dream labor. Fantastic!

Then, OF COURSE, we went to Chick-fil-A. How could you not?

I am so excited to be living with them as this little man is finally here! It's so wait nine months and then all of a sudden, there's a REAL baby. Like, a real one. That you hold. And he cries. And has a name like Eisenhower (which I LOVE! I told Suz me and him can be history nerds together). He's REAL. I love him.

*I'm sorry I don't have a picture to post at the moment, but Suz and OJ took my camera to the hospital with them, and Lizzie has hers. Don't worry...I will proudly show this little guy off as soon as I can!*


Anonymous said...

love the name.

Anonymous said...

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!! I wished I was there with everyone, rejoicing. But we rejoiced here (partly by going to Lanikai's beach :)