Thursday, October 02, 2008

Special Day

Today's the day!

As I type, Ariel and Judah are drawing on the whiteboard beside me. They have to be downstairs because I have to get ready, and, well...I'm the only one with them right now! Their parents are, at this moment, at the hospital about to have a baby!!

A new nephew will be met later today, and I am bursting with excitement!! Ariel is still wondering at how small the baby will be, and Judah, I think...doesn't quite get it. But that's okay! He will later!

So, I must sign off, get ready (I'm thinking of wearing my scarf today...woohoo) and take these kids to do something seriously FUN!


bleev said...

Ahh! Yay!! That's so exciting!!

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Seriously FUN indeed!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh congrats! what's the name?