Monday, October 27, 2008

The Next Four Years OF MY LIFE

I still don't know where I'm going to college.  

It's true.

"But Annie," you say, "you just visited Wheaton!  How can you still not know where you're going to college yet??"  

Well, people, the real cold truth is that Wheaton was great, and I know I would love it if I went there, but I'm not convinced that's where I belong.  It might be, but I just don't know yet.

I met teachers (during that hour of meeting professors I found out that both Anthropology and International Politics sound quite interesting to me), ate in the dining hall (which is in a building named after Todd Beamer), spent the night in a dorm, tried their ice cream at the late-night cafe, hung out with college girls, answered 562 different people about what other colleges I was looking at and what I was thinking of majoring in, took a campus tour (our guide Rachel was really good...she just about had me convinced), and visited classes (Anthropology, International Politics, and Revoluntionary Europe).  Anthropology sounds so interesting to me, and this class was on "Orientalism" (prejudice against and pre-suppositions about Arabs).  International Politics was all about the UN, which turned into a debate amongst both the real class and the visiting Connectors about whether or not military force should be used to bring in humanitarian aid.  *Cue "oooh"s and "aaaaah"s*  Getting into real college stuff now!  =)

Revolutionary Europe was taught by the stereotypical History professor, who kindly had extra packets made for us Connectors.  I'll admit I wasn't as impressed by the lecture as I was by the name of the class, but I blame that on me not really understanding which section of Revolutionary Europe we were talking about.  Something about German Nationalism; only, did Germany have a revolution?  I was a little lost, and like to think that had I not been quite so lost, I could have enjoyed the class a little better.

Oh, and, they have fancy technology thingys.  The professors can make the projector screen retract up into the ceiling at the push of a button from their desk.  I'm easily impressed.

Then, I watched a group of current students answer questions from our group of would-be-classmates.  It struck me that this is the real deal, and in just a year or so I'll be an actual adult-ish college student!

I decided that I really want to visit the other colleges I'm looking at.  Wheaton's dorms and campus are really nice, and I don't want to pick a college, show up, and find that I'm surrounded my miserable walls.  It would take a toll on me.

Then I had a wonderful time over Thai food (that was OH so yummy...I think that was the best Thai food experience I've ever had) reconnecting with a teacher from last year.  Miss Wagner (who is no longer Miss Wagner anymore, even though we all still call her that) was an amazing teacher, and I loved just getting to sit and talk with her.  She made me laugh, and she gave me some good perspective on college.  I could use a little more good perspective on the college drama, so if you have some dish out, please mash on the comment box.

That last sentence was filled with sensical nonsense.  Right.  

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