Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Simplicity of Joy

I have to admit that it's easy to find my heart getting disconnected from the reality of the return of Christ.  Today, however, I was reminded of just what a wonder this marvelous plan of His is...

It began with Ariel asking me a simple question about the devil.  One of those questions where the answer is "I don't know" but you can use it to lead to talking about other things.  I began to tell her about how we don't have to worry about the devil because Jesus beat him forever.  This, of course, led her to ask more questions like how the devil would someday be dead forever.


Then I explained to her about how a long time ago, when he was in Mary's tummy, Jesus was on earth with us.  Then he died and rose again and isn't dead anymore.  But, He's in heaven.  He's with us in our hearts, but He is in heaven.


Then the wonder happened.  Then I told her that someday soon Jesus will come back and be with us again on the earth and when He comes, He will make the devil go away forever.

The thing that left me in awe was Ariel's reaction.  As I told her that Jesus was COMING BACK the most glorious, joyful smile spread across her face.  Her gasp of excitement sparked a charge in the conversation.  Her eyes brightened, and her huge smile lit up the room and my heart.  

A child's simplicity.  She doesn't know the details of the Trinity.  She hasn't studied commentaries.  She can't even read the Bible for herself yet.  Yet the joy, the realization of how wonderful Jesus is, already floods her heart, and she pours out that amazement that has already captured her gaze with no reserve.

It's that simple.  Jesus loves us.  We love Him back.  He is COMING.  And that is mind-blowing, freeing, hope-bringing, and simply WONDERFUL.

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Sarah said...

Abigail likes to ask (with big eyes and a huge smile of anticipation)"When Jesus comes back to be King of the whole, whole world, will He come here, right to our house?" You're right - there is nothing quite like the wonder and simplicity of a child's hope-filled faith!