Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here I sit, under a blanket, watching Pride & Prejudice, and eating granola.  I'm practically on vacation!  

Yesterday I visited school, reconnected with friends, had dinner and talked (have to update each other on our totally non-existent love lives!), tried to shop (without finding anything), and then went home.  

I stayed up way too late, tried to submit a college application, then slept a bit until getting up to "preach" in chapel.  It was my little speel, ten minutes long, about TheCall, and why abortion is such an important issue right now.  I showed them the promo video:

And then I sat in on classes.  I'm glad I'm done with high school.

I really want to write something substantial.  I do hope to post my college essay later, because it became one of those things you write and look back and think "yes" and then a few weeks later you read it again you're thinking "still yes".  But I don't want to post it yet, in case they find my blog and think I stole it from someone.  Just seems wiser to wait.

Tomorrow I visit Wheaton...I haven't been there since my sisters were in school.  I love hearing OJ's stories about all the fun he had there, and they make me want to go there...but I am still keeping my options wide open.  I want to be near a really alive church.  I know when my brother was at Stanford, they found a church that they LOVED.  And, if I went to the Northeast, there is a JHOP Boston, and I know people in New Jersey...  I'm applying early decision to the Christian colleges, so I should know by the end of the year if I get accepted at those schools.  It's getting exciting!! :)  I still need one more essay topic, though.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?  It could be about anything...

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