Monday, January 14, 2008

More than just words

I really wish I had something fantastically exciting to write, but I don't.

Hmmm... Ever wonder why I convince myself that I can't stand writing, but love to get a clever blog written and am addicted blogs like this one?? Well, maybe, you haven't wondering why I convince myself, but, you get my drift? And, in fact, even after realizing this, I'm not at all in the mood to change my mind about my attitude towards my own act of writing.

Ummm... can we just take a vote on what I'm supposed to do next year? 1, 2, 3...EVERYONE COMMENT! and please, let me know you if have any dreams or angelic visitations telling you what I'm supposed to do. Wait a minute. I have an answer for myself: how about trust the Lord that He's going to work it out? Wonderful idea!

A few seconds ago, I was at a crossroads of sorts. I heard something that could change yet again the one (new) thing I thought was surest about my next year. I half wanted to scream, half just wanted to accept it and know the Lord was gonna work it out. I decided to punch my bed. And not trust the Lord instantly. But should I have? Yes. That's the answer. And, oh great, I just cried on my mousepad.

Why don't I just trust? There's my problem. I feel like the psalmist, telling myself, "why are you cast down, oh my soul?" Jesus is going to work it all out. And He knows exactly what needs to happen for me, and it's gonna be better than I could ever do for myself.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Darling, what happened? A.