Monday, February 04, 2008

A Tiring Few Days

So, a very long time ago, I bought an incredibly exciting purchase that, to today's date, I have done absolutely nothing with. It was this totally cute scrapbook:

that matches my journal. I had planned to keep it going as events happened, chronicling this momentous year of my life. Well, that hasn't worked out so well. Tonight I finally pulled out it, some post-its to assign pages to events, and my blog to remind me of what has happened this year. I need to keep this going. It's a way to have something nice to look at five years from now, but I think it would also be a practical way for me to step out of this cycle I find myself often in called passivity. I've practiced sitting instead of doing a lot, and I think it's time for some change.

So, how a look at the last six days of my life:

Wednesday: 10 hour drive to northern Wisconsin
--about a day and a half playing LIKE MAD in HoneyRock cold and snow--
Friday: 6 hour drive back to Chicago

matching "braids"

a wonderfully quaint half-opening barn-type door

large fires makes these two happy

Friday night: cram everything together in preparation for the weekend
Saturday AM: leave house at 6:30...arrive in Kansas City around 10.
Saturday PM: Wedding of one Anna to one Jim

Sunday: around 1 PM, we set out for Chicago. not to happen.
Sunday: around 6:30 we have to pull off the icy road and stop for the night, about 60 miles east of Des Moines
Monday: Let's try again. Finally get in around 3 PM.

So, I didn't get to drive at all on the way home, because of the bad weather. A lot of the second day, there was really bad fog. I have 11.26 hours of driving done, which leaves about 40 hours yet to drive. =(

We did have a fun little story, though, as we looked for a Culber's. My parents wanted to make up to me the non-driving thing with some Culver's ice cream; we doubted if we could find one, though, with how far into Illinois we were. Decided upon Wendy's in Culver's stead, we got pulled into the restaurant and went in. My mom decided to ask, just in case, if there was a Culver's in the area. "Well," the girl said, "I don't know if there are any others around. There might be one in Joliet -- I don't know." There's one around here?" my mom asked. "Right there" was the reply as they looked out the window they were facing to see what else but a Culver's right across the street. Blame it on the fog.

I'm tired. And my muscles ache. And I'm pretty sure they are just aching because they're screaming "I'm tired!" louder and more demandingly than a group of angry monkeys who decided never to brush their teeth.

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Anonymous said...

hey cutie...did you get your blog link wrong at the top? it seems a little crass and unlike your taste, so I thought I'd give you a heads up :):):) love you!