Sunday, February 24, 2008

One Amy

"Amy, do you want to be rebellious with the bagel slicer or should I?" The church has a little sign posted on their new bagel slicers (bagel slicers are an invention straight from HEAVEN if you didn't already know). It reads something like:
This bagel slicer is to be operated by
someone 17 years of age
or older only.
Well, maybe this blog should be renamed the blog of confessions, but we used the bagel slicer. And we're only 16. *gasp* Anways...Amy did the dirty work; she chopped no fingers off in the process.

Oh, Amy. Today we had to walk home from church, and, well, first we got stuck on two sides of the street because she crossed and I didn't (had to wait a whole light...totally me). Then, down a little hill off the sidewalk, she found a little lake of ice. The fun thing was that it was a lake of ice that was on top of the ground; we had such a fun time being able to walk on and break ice without falling through it into life-threatening frigid cold water. Then she decided to pick the biggest slab of ice up and carry it home. I protested...and took more pictures.

Amy makes me laugh harder than anyone else. I love all her little comments, all of her quotes. She finds the craziest things to do (like picking up the hugest pieces of ice). More seriously, I love the way she loves Jesus. I have long desired to want Jesus the way Amy does. Her heart is so convinced that the only way for her to live is to be sold out for Christ and to love Him with everything she has.

Recently, Amy and I have been having great conversations that make me feel more and more like I deeply know this this girl. Let me just tell you, friendship is totally from Jesus! He made us to need companionship, and these recent times with Amy have made me feel so companion-ed. We find that the more and more we open up with each other, the more joyful we are in our friendship. The more we understand each and open up and let the other one know what happens in our heart, the more we love each other, I think.

Also, I feel like I've noticed a strange phenomen. I have such a hunch that part of it is Jesus working with us. Oftentimes, if one of us is having a bad day, the other one is doing better. A lot of the time, we don't both plunge to the depths on the same day. The other one is there able to encourage, and pray for, and be a smiling face.

I love Amy. No one could ever replace her, and the gift of having a friend like her to pursue Jesus alongside with is priceless.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Anna, I love you. You dote on me way too much. but I love you darling =)

You are such a wonderful friend also. And your love for Jesus is so encourageing to me as well.

haha, that ice was too fun to play with. As I went to VQ today, I saw my broken ice on the side of the rode. Oh, how I longed to pick it up. haha
Love ya again.=)