Monday, February 25, 2008

Grace filled Driving

Being new to the driving world, I have a few observations (well, at the moment I can only think of one, but I'm sure there are more).

My one observation for this post is that whenever I drive, there is always something that I notice that could have gone very wrong but didn't. On that curve, I could have swiped the side of the cars I was driving by. There were the few times where something actually noticeable happened. Once downtown I almost switched lanes straight into a taxi that was sitting in my blind spot. This morning when as I checked my blind spot to be able to switch lanes, the huge pickup that I would have gone behind stopped suddenly. Good thing I looked forward again before moving over.

Then, there are always the things that I don't notice, but I'm sure could have happened. With all these things, there is a realization that the only way I am alive from second to second while driving is by the grace of God.

Now, driving in Chicago especially is crazy. People have remarked that they can never drive anywhere without at least one thing going weird or happening in a different way than it was supposed to.

And, please, don't think I'm a bad driver. My dad says I'm good; I think no matter how good you are, the fact that you are 1) imperfect and 2) with other people on the road mean that your survival depends totally on the hand of God.

Jesus is the only reason I stay alive when I drive. And I have a feeling that that little thankfulness in my heart that I didn't crash into anything or knock down any trees during my drive will be in my heart as I pull into the garage for quite a while.

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