Friday, February 22, 2008

Field time

Today our whole high school and middle school went on a field trip to the art museum. We took the cta, which is always an adventure (moreso for all the people who suddenly find themselves faced with wriggling through this young, loud HERD in order to get to their door). I love that transition that happens in Mrs. Palaparthi's 7th grade classes...never again is a school bus to be seen. CTA all the way, baby.

Anyways...we went to the Art Museum. WE went to the Art Museum. When you think about it, that "we" isn't really the Art Museum type group...anyways. I had a blast. But I kinda have a confession to make.

I haven't felt that immature in a very long while. Man, that sounds bad.
We just acted normally for us. We took funny pictures and laughed a lot and I said "SHHH!" every five seconds
Only thing is, those pictures are with with sculptures:
And paintings:
And one of those metal gloves from the knights (but we were supposed to put our hands in it, so I think that one was okay for taking a picture with):
So. There it is. The confession. Part of it was that we, by nature, are absolutely bored in the Art Museum. The other is that the group I was with included two boys who did things like jump in the elevator. We girls protested numerous times, but they did it anyways, and, lo and behold who happened to be at the door when it opened? A security guard who said, "I wouldn't do that. We have problems with the elevators." and our teacher who heard the security guard. Haha.

I just felt so silly, because there we were, entertaining ourselves as we ran around the Art Museum trying to find all the paintings containing the things listed on our Scavenger Hunt. We laughed and were the complete opposites of the mature women spending their day exploring the Impressionistic Paintings or the foreign couple who is loving the great collection of the amazing Chicago Art Museum.

Everyone got pretty tired from all the walking (which is how we ended up in the previously mentioned elevator in the first place...Jessica insisted that we take an elevator somewhere. She didn't even know where...just somewhere...we HAD to take an elevator.)

And, Amy, just to let you know. One of my friends loved the idea of scaring the furniture guards, even though we never got there to do it. One of the boys scared enough guards anyways. Oh, and then there was the time when he put his hand out too far towards a modern art exhibit and the little alarm beeped. Then, of course, they had to try it again. We girls shooed them away before the could do it any more. That didn't stop them from making up what a song would sound like if they just put their hand out past the sensor in a certain rhythm. AND, we went to go find the Big Empty Room; it was down the hall to the special exhibits, so my guess is that maybe they don't leave it empty anymore... =( But, we tried.

The Art Institute of Chicago. There we were.

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