Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Cruel Valentine's Day

The school office has two desks. One is the front desk where any helpful person can sit and open to the door when the two-toned ring pierces your ear, throw away most of the mail that comes, and give band-aids to cute small children. There is another desk, the one with the computer that works, that is in a different part of the office than the front desk. The problem is that when there is only one (singular, single, the loner, a.k.a. me) person in the office, that leaves only one person to open the door. As mentioned before, the only computer that works is on the desk which is not by the switch to open the main entrance to all those who wish to enter. I don't think I can even describe the feeling in me when I am sitting comfortably at this desk, typing away, and the doorbell rings. Ouch.

Valentine's Day is almost here. My Candy-gram job is to sit and type up all the little message that go onto the Candy-grams. I have to say that what this makes me think about, though, is all the people who don't get candygrams. I'm sure you know the type of feeling, if not this exact situation (which, I have witnessed for, oh, about nine or ten Valentine's Days). It's time for the Candy-grams to be handed out! Who got one? Who got two? Did I get one? Oh, I hope I got one. Oh! I got one. Oh, it's from Mom and Dad. Oh, of course they got me one. I wonder if anyone else got me one...

And then the jump in your heart when you did.
And the pat-yourself-on-the-back-because-it's-okay-you're-going-to-survive if you didn't.

Now that I'm older, I can take it. I can by myself chocolate if I need some. But, I feel bad for the little first grader who didn't get any. It's a cruel system, this situation where the little girl has to watch her friends get Candy-grams and not her... =(

The good thing is, it isn't REALLY a cruel Valentine's Day. As easy as it would be to become terribly bitter and eat 3 pounds of chocolate tomorrow because I don't have a "Valentine"...I can't. Because I do have a Valentine! It's not a boy. It's Amy. She's just so sacrificial that she says she'll pretend to be a boy if I want her to be. But I don't need that, Amy. I love you just the way you are!

I bet you don't have as great a Valentine as I do!! =)

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