Sunday, February 10, 2008

Donk. Sploosh.

Today is both an on day and an off day.

It is on because I feel amazing productive: I've cleaned a bathroom, done some laundry, done some homework, and am now tackling a long list of computer projects.

But it is slightly off (but thankfully this "off-ness" isn't disturbing me at all -- makes a good blog :). Things I try to do randomly spill all over the place or disappear. Or I get stuck in the snow.

Explanation: When I tried to taste the noodles for the mac & cheese, at least two of them just flew off my spoon into unknown recesses of the kitchen...I finally got one into my mouth -- they were done.

When I poured milk into my glass, it dripped down the sides.

When I tried to pull into the driveway, I pulled too far over and got stuck in the snow. This did turn into a successfull experience, though, because I learned how to rock out of being stuck in the snow. I now feel like an official Chicago/snowy Midwestern driver.

I was trying to re-fill the little soap container from the mega-way more soap than anyone could ever use in 10 decades container (from Sam's Club - could you tell?) and it overflowed...then, I tried to set it on the counter so that I could go get a paper towel to wipe off the mega-container which had soap drips on it, and thud it's on the bathroom floor and I'm watching pink soap ooze onto the bathroom rug.

Then, there was the store experience. My dad and I were supposedly only going for milk and toothpaste, so I said we didn't need a cart. Of course, we ended up picking up the bagels and the bread loaf and the creamer and the orange juice and the cookies. We were walking through the aisles carrying all this phwams of stuff when donk. sploosh. the orange juice is all over the Jewel floor. After the Jewel guy said they would clean it up, and we walked away, I wondered and wondered and, sure enough, over the loudspeaker: "Right away. Cleanup in aisle 4." Now, I have to say that my dad was carrying the orange juice (if it had been me, I probably would have rolled up in a teensy little ball and died three times), and we are very blessed that the lady behind us had enough sense to pull back and not get splooshed with orange juice all over her. Yay for Cleanups in aisle 4.

But, yet, today's off-ness is more interesting than discouraging. Today is a good day, and it feels like the good day that it is. I had a great night - Amy, Mr. Pan, and I went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant where a team came and did the drums and dragons for the Chinese New Year and we had Jamba Juice and then went to Moody's Founders Week to listen to Josh McDowell. Then, we surprised Noemi at her house with ingredient for her first root beer float! I love root beer floats.

Have a lovely week, and try to have at least one root beer float sometime in the midst of it. That or orange juice that hasn't been spilled on Jewel's floor.

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