Sunday, September 07, 2008


I feel like I have a million things to blog. One million. But first, let me say something that I usually try to keep out of my blog as much as I can. I try to keep from talking outright about this very much, but after spending the whole day with moms, moms, and more moms...I just have to write what's on my mind. All I want in the whole (whole!) wide world is my own babies. There, I said it. Moving on. of the moms I spent time with today is the AMAZING Emery. (click on the link. read it) My sisters knew Emery back when they all lived in California. It's not quite a secret that I have loved her blog for a very long while. She is funny and thoughtful, and, I have been entertained by her blog as well as encouraged, and logging on and seeing that there is a new post is one of my favorite things. All that to say that when I read that she was visiting Kansas City (and that she was here with her husband who is busy all day every day so she basically has had nothing to do), I jumped on the comment box and invited her over!

We had a few failed attempts at getting together, but it finally worked today for brunch after church. Leading up to it, I felt like I was getting ready to meet a movie star or something. I have read her blog for so long, and today finally got to meet the wonderful, witty, beautiful lady behind the words. Liz and Suzy got reunited with an old friend, and I met a new one! We had a wonderful brunch, and I was just thrilled to be hanging out with Emery. It was one of those meetings where you know at the beginning that you need to brace yourself because it will have to end at some point. We originally thought we would be meeting on Saturday, and I'll admit it took me a little while longer to get dressed that day than it usually does.

I got to hear a bunch of their memories from California, and I have to say it sounds like they had such a FANTASTIC time. A group of young people, getting touched by the Lord, in great community, in beautiful San Luis Obispo. DREAMY. It just makes me excited for life... to see something that purposeful set up by the Lord for me where He sticks me in something where I can look back and be like O.M.G. that was Jesus... Kind of like Kansas City and TheCall!!

Church was fun this morning ("Halalala-lelele-lujah!"), and then this evening I went with Suz and OJ to the house of some friends of theirs where I hung out But it was fun. :)

Life is good, and it's gonna be a good week.

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