Friday, September 05, 2008


Yesterday, I stood behind the kitchen sink as Glorie worked on her lunch. I noticed she had begun to try to play the "Where's Glorieeeeeee?!?!" game by placing her hands over her eyes then jerking them away and seeing if you can, in reality, see her.

As soon as I acknowledge she was trying to play, she responded. Her eyes widened (oh, those eyes!) and she just opened her hand and dropped her fork (it landed in her high chair next to her) and covered her eyes.

When I played along with the "Where's Glorie?!" she smiled the hugest smile in the whole world, and flung her arms to the side as far as they could go. Resembling a bird that was flying with all the joy and strength it has, she embodied sweetness itself.

you can kind of see the kefir-moustache above her top lip...

Those cheeks need kisses! Kisses I tell you!

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